Responding to God in Plain Sight

Responding to God in Plain Sight

Join us for the conclusion of our sermon series, where we’ve embarked on a journey to find God in the every day—the “In Plain Sight” series wraps up with a powerful message. Throughout this series, we’ve uncovered the subtle ways God manifests in our lives, even in the ordinary.

As we looked for God, we discovered something profound: our intrinsic needs that often go unnoticed. Week by week, we’ve explored how we seek to satisfy these needs through our own efforts and cultural influences. Yet, the ultimate fulfillment lies only in God’s grace.

In this closing sermon, we’ll delve into the profound truth that God meets our needs not just directly but often through the hands and hearts of others. Just as we’ve realized our needs, we’ll explore how we can become instruments of God’s provision for others.

Reflect on the journey we’ve taken, the revelations we’ve uncovered, and how our lives can be transformed by embracing God’s provision and becoming vessels of His love and care. Join us for a moment of reflection, prayer, and inspiration as we conclude the “In Plain Sight” series on a powerful note.


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