Sermons by Amy Becker

Sermons by Amy Becker

Church West Des Moines

Leave a Mark on Your Family

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the impact Timothy’s mother and grandmother had on his life and shows how each of us can leave a mark on our families and the importance of our family legacy.
Church West Des Moines

Saying No So You Can Say Yes

Pastor Amy looks at how sometimes we need to build fences in our lives to create healthy boundaries. By saying no to some things, we are able to say yes to better things. SERMON MANUSCRIPT How many of you feel perpetually tired? Overwhelmed? Overworked? In hard or taxing relationships? Stretched too thin? You’re not alone. Many Americans are oversheduled, overinvolved, overextended… we are exhausted and we are BOUNDARY-LESS. But WE NEED BOUNDARIES. I’m talking about emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries. Did…
Church West Des Moines

Woe to the Pharisees

Pastor Amy Becker looks at Matthew 23 and Jesus harsh “Woe to you” words to the Pharisees and encourages those following Jesus to not be modern day Pharisees.
Church West Des Moines

Telling Your Story

Pastor Amy Becker continues our look at how to find comfort when sharing our faith by looking at how the Apostle Paul shared his faith by telling his own personal story and how we can use his model to share our own story with those around us.

The Lost Art of Hospitality

Pastor Amy Becker concludes The Lost Arts series by looking at the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14 and seeing our need to be people of hospitality.
Merry Christmas? Questions of Christmas

How Can I Be Sure?

Pastor Amy Becker kicks off a new series called Merry Christmas? which looks at some of the biblical questions surrounding the Christmas story. This week, we look at Zechariah’s question after the foretelling of the birth of John the Baptist, “How can I be sure of this?”

Running the Race

Pastor Amy Becker kicks off a new series entitled: This Is Us: Real Faith for Real Life and looks at the need for discipline and perseverance to run and win the race.
Sunday School Stories

Jesus Feeds the Multitude

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the story of Jesus feeding the multitude and how he can help us with what seems to be impossible odds in our life.

From Ordinary to Significant

Team Pastor Amy Becker continues to look at how upside life is in the kingdom and how God takes what we consider to be an ordinary life and makes it into something very world changing and significant.