Messages on Mark

Messages on Mark

Pray this Prayer to be Saved

Pastor Brent looks at the misconceptions surrounding salvation and why a pray this prayer theology has many problems and might produce decisions but not necessarily disciples.

Remix: Fences – Be a Neighbor

Pastor Brent looks back at the Fences series from the fall of 2018 and examines Jesus’ words when he told us the most important commandments are to love God and also to love our neighbors.
Sunday School Stories

Jesus Heals the Paralytic

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Mark 2 and the Sunday School Story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man and the role faith plays in our lives.

From Death to Life

Lead Pastor Brent Clark begins a new series looking at how life in the kingdom is upside down from how we typically think life should be. He looks at Mark 8 and how Jesus tells us if we want to really live, we must die to ourselves.