Messages on Philippians

Messages on Philippians


The Tension of Weakness and Strength

Be strong! Show no signs of weakness! These are the messages we hear that lead us to believe that showing weakness is always a bad thing. However, when you look at Jesus, we see the one who created everything with a spoken word and was still broken on the cross. Join Pastor Amy as she looks at how those who follow Jesus can live in the tension of being weak, yet still, be strong.
Vision 2020

2020 Vision

Pastor Brent looks at the future of Ashworth Church and presents a challenge to not get stuck in the past but to press forward in becoming the church God desire Ashworth Church to be.

A Picture Perfect Christmas: The Manger

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. How Kings are Born Today we are going to continue our series called, “A Picture Perfect Christmas,” where we are looking at the famous nativity scene so many of us associate with Christmas.  But what is so amazing about this scene we keep showing you, is that it wasn’t supposed to be this way.  This is NOT how kings are born into this world. If you want a glimpse…