Messages on Discipleship

Messages on Discipleship

The Golden Rule

In a world where we often treat one another the way we think they deserve to be treated, Jesus offers a better way. But has the Golden Rule become just another cliche we ignore? Or is there a way for those who follow Jesus to find and bring life to others by doing to others as we would like done to us?
Seduced Apple Cover

Seduced By Status

Pastor Brent looks at how we are seduced by status and how we can overcome the seduction of status by following Jesus’ example of humble service as seen in John 13.
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The Bigger Picture

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Acts 8 and how even though it might look like we are pursuing Jesus, we are actually going after the wrong things.
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Mission Impossible

Pastor Brent Clark looks at Matthew 28:18-20 to see how the commission to be a disciple and to go and make disciples means so much more than just giving people an education. It means more than knowing about Jesus. It means being like him.
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Home Alone 2

Pastor Ryan Lenerz concludes the Christmas Story series by looking at Home Alone 2 and the Bible to see how we can stop making the same mistakes we always do in the new year.
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Pastor Ryan Lenerz begins the 2016 Christmas series A Christmas Story by looking at the movie Elf and 1 John to examine how we are children of God.

God is Missional

Introduction  Today we are going to conclude our series called “God Is.”  We have loved hearing stories from some of you about how your view of God has been stretched and deepened as a result of these messages.  While I say today is our final message in this series, by no means have we preached an exhaustive list of the character traits of God… after all, we never even taught about the Love of God!   But we chose to teach on…


Sermon Podcast Audio  Your browser does not support the audio element. Whole and Holy in the New Year  I love New Year’s celebrations, not for the drunken debauchery or for trying and failing to stay up until midnight, but because it gives me the opportunity to consider what I want to change going into the new year.  That and New Year’s Eve is my anniversary, so that’s special too!  I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses the new year…