Messages on 2 Timothy

Messages on 2 Timothy

In a Fret Over Nothing

As children, The Wizard of Oz can be quite frightening as we watch the evil Wicked Witch of the West go after sweet Dorothy and her misfit friends. And even Dorothy’s encounter with the great and powerful Oz can be disconcerting. As adults, we can still be tempted to allow our fears of what’s behind the curtain to shape our lives and behavior. Join Steve Rogers as he looks into this classic movie and helps us discover we are often…

Deconstructing the Bible

How can we honor the significance of the Bible without missing its purpose? Pastor Brent takes a look at how Scripture can play a role in one’s deconstruction journey.
the essentials

The Essentials – The Bible

Pastor Brent Clark looks at different videos of the Bible and why we must be careful not to put too much or too little weight on the Bible as the Word of God. Discussion Questions If you had to explain to someone why they should read the Bible, what would you say? What practical steps can be taken to move beyond ignoring the Bible or only studying the Bible and allowing it to speak with authority into our lives? This…
the essentials

The Essentials

Pastors Brent and Ryan discuss how in order to determine the essentials we have to start by acknowledging not everything is black and white and following Jesus means being okay with living with some mystery and tension in the Bible. Discussion Questions Thinking about your spiritual upbringing, were you raised with many or few essential beliefs? How has your understanding of what is essential changed over the years? How open are you to differing views in your beliefs? Are you…
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Grace

Pastor Brent Clark explains how our understanding of Santa Claus always watching to see if we’ve been bad or good has seeped into our understanding of God.  But the good news for us is that God saves us through the gift of his grace!
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Leave a Mark on Your Family

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the impact Timothy’s mother and grandmother had on his life and shows how each of us can leave a mark on our families and the importance of our family legacy.

Faithful: Revealed Faith

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Faith Themes in Second Timothy Today we are wrapping up a series called “Faithful.” We have looked at each of the major themes in a letter the Apostle Paul wrote to his protégé, Timothy. This is Second Timothy in our Bibles. Paul penned this letter while he was in prison. It is the last preserved correspondence we have between Paul and Timothy. In the letter, Paul wants to guide Timothy…

Faithful: Enduring Faith

Commitment One of thehardest things for me as a parent is getting my kids to followthrough with the commitments they’vemade, and even more so on the commitments I have made for them. Maybe you’ve experienced this as well. Your child says they wantto play a sport or do some activity, but after abouttwo days or weeks into it, after a few practices, or after having to get upearly one time for it, they decide they don’t wantto do it anymore.…

Faithful: Pure Faith

Lately, my son has been infatuatedwith a show on the Travel Channel called “Gem Hunt.” In the show, the maincharacter, Ron LeBlanc, is traveling around the world to remote areas insearch of precious gems. Often, he’ll show up in a village and people from allover will bring him colored rocks for him to buy. His problem is that among thevery valuable, pure gemstones are common worthless stones, impure stones, andsynthetic stones made to imitate the real thing. One of the…

Faithful: Persuasive Faith

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Jury Duty Several years ago in Arkansas, I received the dreaded letter in the mail from the county courthouse informing me that I had been given a very special honor. I had been selected for jury duty. What I loved about the letter was that it didn’t really ask if I wanted to be on jury duty; it just said I was. Congratulations. During my “sentence,” I was fortunate enough…
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