Messages on Covenant

Messages on Covenant


In Genesis 15, God establishes His covenant with Abram, forever changing His people and our story. Pastor Amy explores this passage, ultimately showing us that covenant is not contingent on human faithfulness. It’s contingent on God’s.

This Not That Covenant

Pastor Ryan kicks off a new series where we look at how the New Testament (New Covenant) radically changes how we interact with God. Most people are familiar with the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, but do you understand everything that changed from one to the other?  If you see both haves as the equal in how they are to be applied in your life, you may run into a problem plaguing many Christians today: they live in…
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The Big Story of God: Covenant

Pinky Swear I love the Old Testament and today’s topic may be one of the most significant, albeit little known, passages in the Old Testament. Today we are going to read about the covenant God made with Abraham, then known as Abram, 4000 years ago. A covenant is a promise, but it’s a little different than what we think of when we think of promises. Most of us know that promises should never be broken, yet they regularly are. As children, I’m…