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Be Positive

Pastor Ryan looks at how easy it is to be negative with all that is happening in the world, but through gratitude and encouragement, we can be positive. Positive People Here’s something many of you didn’t know about me, up until the early part of this week, I was Covid Positive.  For those of you attending this service online, you’re probably glad you are!  Don’t worry, I made it through – and I’m back to 100%.  But today we’re taking…
Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up

Pastor Brent looks at Psalm 32 and how this is a good time to do a little soul searching and some fall clean-up in our lives.
unpause sermon series

Unpause Abiding in Jesus

Pastor Amy wraps up the Unpause series by looking at the importance of abiding in Jesus so that we might show the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.

Church Blog

11.17.20 Feed

CLEAN UP ON AISLE 7 Making a mess of life is something we all will inevitably deal with in life – some of us more often than others. Sometimes we damage our relationship with friends or family, sometimes we simply make foolish choices, and other times we make a mess of our relationship with God. No matter the situation, these mistakes we make require us to actively choose to clean up the mess and fix what we have broken. The…

11.10.20 Feed

ON VACATION We hope you don’t mind an abbreviated edition of The Feed this week as both Pastor Brent and Ryan are taking back-to-back weeks of vacation. And while thinking about it, perhaps we could all use a vacation from more articles about the election, or Covid, or all the ways 2020 has been a challenging year. The Slow Work of God The longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve become con­vinced of two impor­tant things. First, it’s tru­ly pos­si­ble for…

The Seasons of Life

In an always-on culture, we feel we have to be constantly producing. But trees understand the value of each season and growth doesn’t take place all year long.

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