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You Are Free

Pastor Ryan unpacks what it means for a follower of Jesus to be free: that we are free FROM sin and legalism and free TO love others and do good works.
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I Am the True Vine

Pastor Brent wraps up the I Am series by look at Jesus final I Am statement in John 15 and what it means that Jesus is the vine and how we are to remain in him.
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I Am the Resurrection and the Life

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus from the dead to see how Jesus as the resurrection and the life affirms God’s loves for us and help us get beyond our “if onlys” when we see the resurrection is more than an event, when we see the resurrection is a person, Jesus Christ, as found in John 11:1-44.

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Church Leaders

It’s the time of year again where we begin to think about the leadership of the church and specifically those who should be asked to help us continue to lead the church forward. The current structure of our church leadership calls those who serve as deacons to do so for a term of three years. This year, Donnie Moran and Don Peck will be rotating off the Leadership Council. They have been a great source of wisdom and help in…
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Canned Tuna

Brent and Ryan in the Morning S1 Ep 14 – Brent and Ryan discuss canned tuna, manipulating jealousy, and changing your mind.

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