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Becoming Like Christ Together

Pastor Brent looks at the importance of spiritual growth and how this will never happen when we are along. Our spiritual maturing happens when we are in community, otherwise, we risk a failure to thrive.
We are ashworth

Connecting With God

Pastor Brent continues looking at what makes the church the church and how connecting with God in community is what distinguishes the church from every other organization.

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Deacon Nominations

Along with the addition of Elders to our leadership at Ashworth this year, we have also chosen to select and empower Deacons to serve and care for the families in the church. After prayer and discussion, the following individuals are nominated to serve as Deacons at Ashworth Church: Matthew Becker Janine Maynes Kim Runge Ilene Tuttle These Deacons (along with the Elders who have been nominated) will be voted on at a special business meeting tentatively scheduled for January 12,…
Essence of Christmas

It’s Christmas Day!

Today we celebrate the birth of Jesus the Christ, Jesus the Good Shepherd, Jesus who forgives our sins, Jesus who will come again, Jesus the son of Mary, the Son of David, and the very Son of God! How silently, how silentlyThe wondrous gift is given!So God imparts to human heartsThe blessing of His heaven.No ear may hear His coming,But in this world of sin,Where meek souls will receive Him still,The dear Christ enters in. Almighty God, you have given…
Essence of Christmas

Preparing for Christmas Day 22

Take a look at this picture and reflect on the following: 17th-century painter Rembrandt van Rijn is best known now for his paintings. However, in his day, his prints and etchings were more highly regarded. The Adoration of the Shepherds: With the Lamp shows how he could create light and shade through the use of different line sizes. Notice the placement of Joseph in the foreground, his arms open and extended toward the shepherds as they press in to see…

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