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the essentials

The Essentials – Jesus

Pastor Brent examines the importance of the essential belief in Jesus, who Jesus thought and said he was, and what those closest to Jesus believed about him. Discussion Questions How different would your life be if Jesus were not real or never existed? What does that indicate about your spiritual life? What do Jesus’ statements about himself and his actions show us about who he thought he was? (John 10:30, John 14:1, Luke 5:20-24, John 5:24-25) If asked by a skeptical friend, “Who…
the essentials

The Essentials – Humanity

Pastor Ryan looks at how our view of humanity is essential and impacts our view of ourselves, others, and God. Perfect… Sort of Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is a day all about love and so I want to begin with each you you taking a moment and think about the most perfect person.  For those of you who are married, you should be thinking about your spouse – obvioously.  If you’re single, think about your first crush.  Whether married or…

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03.02.21 Feed

SAVED… FROM WHAT? The common expression Christians use to describe their decision to follow Jesus by telling others they are “Saved” has deep roots in the Bible but fails to connect with those outside our own faith. All through scripture we see Jesus as the hero, the Savior, the Messiah who comes to rescue his people from their sin, death, and more specifically, from the flames of Hell. Unfortunately, this story seems to be uncompelling to the watching world who…
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Peanut Butter Drive

At Ashworth we strive to make an impact in our community and this year we want to do that by stocking the shelves of the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) food pantry with Peanut Butter. Through COVID, peanut butter has become a popular item and so the price has increased to $1.50 a jar or $18 a case (12 jars). While the price has increased, so has the need. That’s why this year we want to purchase an entire…

02.23.21 Feed

NOBODY PUTS JESUS IN A CORNER Whether you are a Christian or not, the universal impact he made on this earth requires every single person who hears his name to make a decision. Who is he? And if he is who he says he is, what are you going to do about it yourself? This is the crux of the Christian faith. Without Jesus, we have no Christ, no Christianity, and no good news. All too often we think of…

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