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This Not That Covenant

Pastor Ryan kicks off a new series where we look at how the New Testament (New Covenant) radically changes how we interact with God. Most people are familiar with the Old and New Testaments in the Bible, but do you understand everything that changed from one to the other?  If you see both haves as the equal in how they are to be applied in your life, you may run into a problem plaguing many Christians today: they live in…

Beyond Work

Pastors Brent and Ryan discuss what it means to find and fulfill your calling and how you can even achieve this in whatever current job you have. Discussion Questions What skills and passions has God put inside of you that uniquely enable you to fulfill your calling? What is that calling? If you had to write down what God called you to do, what would you say? In what ways do your calling and your job overlap?

Beyond Me

Pastor Brent challenges the conventional wisdom of the day that says you do you by examining what it really means to deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus. Introduction What do you prefer? Let’s learn a bit about you based on your brand preference: Zoom or MS Teams? This is the ultimate COVID option.Coke or Pepsi? The original question.Casey’s or Kim & Go? What about breakfast pizza?Levi’s or Wranglers?iPhone or the other device?Walmart or Target?Facebook or Snapchat?Jesus or Jesus?…

Church Blog

05.11.21 Feed

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW Most people like new things. New car, new couches in the living room, new kitchen remodel. But at other times, we remain nostalgic, hanging on to the way things used to be. Sometimes as followers of Jesus, we end up hanging on to the way things really used to be – like pre-Jesus times! Even though we live in a New Covenant defined by the grace and love of Jesus, we live…

05.04.21 Feed

WORK IT We spend too much of our lives at our jobs for it to be a meaningless passage of time with no redeemable purpose. Conversely, while your job has significance, it is not your identity or your calling. Like we discussed on Sunday in the message Beyond Work, we need to find a middle ground. If you’re struggling with the job you work, recognize that God has wired you for a special purpose and look for the ways in…

04.27.21 Feed

YOU’RE #2! We live in a world where most people are looking out for #1 – themselves! We want to fight to protect our rights, our money, our way of life. But Jesus tells us to deny ourselves and follow him. And sometimes our agenda and his overlap. But other times they are at odds with one another. The question then becomes, who will you follow? Your own heart and desires? Or Jesus? Choosing who to follow is much easier…

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