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My Bad - Understanding What Separates Us From God

It’s Not Over Yet

Pastor Brent Clark concludes the My Bad series by looking at the hope we have for the future when the cosmic results of sin are removed and God restores everything and makes all things new.
My Bad - Understanding What Separates Us From God

Guilt-Free Living

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Romans 7 and 8 to see what it takes to live a guilt-free live and how the solution lies not in focusing on the sin but on focusing on the Savior.
My Bad - Understanding What Separates Us From God

The Necessity of the Cross

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the various theories of atonement, what the work of Jesus’ death of the cross accomplished and the difficult question of why did Jesus have to die?

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Our beliefs are all grounded in the Bible

Is the Bible Boring?

As a pastor, I shouldn’t be admitting this, but yes, the Bible is boring in some parts. On January 1, I began a reading plan to read through the Bible in a year. That means over the past 3 months I have read countless boring parts: genealogies, numerous censuses (or is it censii?), hundreds of verses of odd rules and regulations, and various boundary markers and travel routes. It’s at this point in trying to read the Bible that many…
hammer nail and crown

Miss a Little, Miss a Lot

Have you ever been given a task to plan or a project to oversee only to have your best-laid plans go horribly awry? I have. Before I was a pastor, I was in bank operations. I remember a time when I spent months researching and preparing to implement a new system for the bank. After doing everything I thought possible to prepare for the change, everything that could possible go wrong, did go wrong. It took almost twelve months to…

Unity in a Nation of Disunity

As I was reading though my journal this morning, reflecting on yesterday’s message calling us to unity, I ran across my entry from November 9, 2016, the day after the election. While the election may be over, the divisiveness and division is not. I share this now because it seems as appropriate today as it did 9 months ago when I originally wrote it. The Day After an Election November 9, 2016 Congratulations, America. You’ve survived another election. But are…

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