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restoring the foundation

Loving God to Love Others

Pastor Amy discusses how our restoration isn’t only for our own good but is so that we go into the world and seek the restoration of others as well.
restoring the foundation

Hitting the Wall

Pastor Brent Clark looks at how when we follow Jesus, we can sometimes hit a spiritual wall that leaves us feeling empty and that God has left us, but we can endure and push through the wall.
restoring the foundation

Honest to God

Pastor Ryan looks at how life may not often be what we expect but true growth only occurs when we acknowledge our baggage and are real and authentic with God.

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01.26.21 Feed

CHOOSE LOVE God is love. And so people who love God should love like he does. And in today’s climate we offer several articles about what it might look like to love others well. You could heal a divide between somebody with different beliefs than you through listening and empathy. Or you can pray short prayers asking God to help you stay focused on what really matters – loving him and others. Or find a way to be hospitable in…

01.19.21 Feed

PRAYER FOR OUR NATION Wednesday will be an important day in American politics. Many are upset with the outcome of the election. Many are looking to the new administration to be a savior. And still others are worried about what chaos might erupt on this important day. Regardless of where you land, we need to be people who pray for our country, pray for our leaders, and pray for people to come to know the peace that is found in…
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01.12.21 Feed

ALL GOD’S PEOPLE GOT JUNK In the message this past Sunday we discussed how we all silently carry around unresolved emotions and how it can make a mess of our lives. I truly hope, if you haven’t already, that you will think about the baggage you carry around with you and walk through the 5 steps to unpack it at move forward. And if you would like to read further on this topic, I encourage you to read the book…

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