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Continuing the Unfinished Task

Pastor Brent Clark wraps up Unfinished: Continuing God’s Work in Our World by looking at the Apostle Paul and what allowed and motivated him to continue the unfinished task of taking the message of Jesus to the world.
church near me, church in west des moines, waukee church, clive church

Crossing Lines

Pastor Amy Becker looks at Acts 10 and how God’s desire was not only for a select group of people to hear about and know Jesus, but his desire was for all nations and people to know him. 

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New Deacons Nominated

As we approach the new ministry year in August, it is time once again for us to select new deacons who will be asked to serve our church and provide leadership for the future. This year, the nominating team has selected two individuals who demonstrate a passion for Jesus and a heart of service toward those both inside and outside the church. Jerry Chapman Jerry and Ann joined Ashworth Church in 2013. Jerry has served in various capacities including usher,…

Springing Into Action

This spring, we presented many opportunities for our church to engage with the community around us to make an impact for the better. And so many of you responded! Almost 100 individuals in our Ashworth family Sprang into Action! You made May baskets and dropped them to your neighbors and blessed them with a reminder that they are loved! You sorted hundreds of cans of food that will end up in our local food pantries to feed folks in our…
church near me, church in west des moines, waukee church, clive church

The Power of a Friendly Face

Recently I was in a conversation with a family who has been around Ashworth for about four years. I asked the wife/mom a question, “Your family came to Ashworth for the first time on an Easter Sunday. Why did you come back?” There was a pause and look of deep thought, and I said I would get back with her later. A few days later, she came to me and told me she had an answer. She said she came…

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