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unpause sermon series

The Unseen War

Pastor Ryan looks at the unseen war that rages around us and how followers of Jesus need to make sure they are fighting the right battle. Hint: It’s NOT the “other “political party, coworkers, or neighbors.
unpause sermon series

Get Out of the Boat

Pastor Brent looks at how the pandemic has made everyone a little more risk-averse but how it is always risky following Jesus. From Matthew 14 and the story of Peter walking on water with Jesus.

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10.20.20 Feed

ENGAGING THE REAL ENEMY Sunday’s message reminded us that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against spiritual powers of our dark world. This couldn’t be more evident than when we think about the political climate in America. The first article by well-respected theologian Darrell Bock shines a light on how Christians should engage the culture given this very different world we now live in. This includes praying against the spiritual forces working behind the scenes to divide.…

Rooted Together

Roots for a tree are good, but intertwined roots in the woods are better. The same is true of people in in a church.

Midweek Minute for October 14, 2020

All about Ashworth Church Missions Emphasis Month 2020 Give online today to help us reach our goal! Make sure to select “Missions Emphasis” from the first drop down menu.

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