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Fake News or good news

Fake News or Good News?

Pastor Brent looks at Luke 4 and how Jesus began his ministry to challenge us in how we are presenting the message of Jesus could be perceived as fake news to some but is still very good news for all.
Imagine Message Series

God Hates Hypocrisy

Pastor Ryan wraps up the “Imagine: From What Is to What Could Be” series by looking at a prophetic word in Amos to see how it isn’t our religious practice that pleases God. God looks at the heart.

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Ashworth Kids Egg Hunt

Hi Ashworth Kid Parents! Are your kids bummed that all of the Easter egg hunts have been canceled this year? Well…we have some exciting news for you! This year we’ll be hosting the “Ashworth Kids Easter Egg-stravaganza: Home Edition.” This is a really fun Easter egg hunt you can do with your kids at home. You provide the plastic Easter eggs and candy, and we’ll give you the video and print materials to transform your hunt into a fun-filled, Gospel-centered…

Midweek Minute for March 25, 2020

Video Transcript This is Pastor Brent and this is your Ashworth Midweek Minute. Well, we tried something new and it didn’t quite work. Sunday we attempted to use a new online platform hoping it would help you engage with the service and one another. But it crashed and we went back to the tried and true Facebook stream and it worked.  So this week we are going back to Facebook for our primary online service. We are always willing to…

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