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Beyond Evangelism

Pastor Brent talks with Matthew Becker about how evangelism and sharing Jesus with others doesn’t always have to be about a sales pitch, fear tactics, or even telling them about Jesus, but can be about walking with them a journey toward Jesus.

Beyond Religion

Pastor Brent challenges the idea that Jesus came to establish a new religion and shows why trusting in religion won’t get you where you thought you were going. Discussion Questions Why do you think some could be drawn to religion (right beliefs, behavior, rituals, etc.) over a relationship with Jesus? Why do you think Jesus was so hard and confrontational with the religious leaders in Matthew 23? As Jesus critiqued religion, do any of his critiques surprise you? If so,…

Beyond the Church

Sometimes we can become so inwardly focused that we forget that the church exists for those beyond its walls. Pastor Ryan looks at the parable of the Great Banquet and how Jesus wants us to go far and wide and invite people in. Discussion Questions What keeps you from being more willing to talk about Jesus with others? Limited contact with non-christians, fear of what they will think, fear of what to say, something else? Why are you a Christian?…

Church Blog

04.13.21 Feed

FOLLOW THE LEADER Do you remember the simple children’s game Follow the Leader where one person was the leader and everyone just imitated whatever that person was doing? It was like Simon says for beginners. In the same way, Jesus made evangelism for beginners just like Follow the Leader. We follow Jesus. We encourage others to follow us. Everyone should be imitating the faith-filled life of somebody further ahead on the faith journey and hopefully has somebody behind them who…

04.06.21 Feed

DON’T BECOME COMPLACENT In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, much ink has been spent warning about a 4th wave if we become complacent and let our guard down on all the COVID protocols. But I’m not here to write about masks, actually I’m talking about the days after Easter. You see, our Christian tradition is to put all our focus on Lent, Holy Week, Good Friday, and the crescendo of it all – Easter Sunday. But then come’s Monday,…

03.30.21 Feed

GET THE WORD OUT It’s important for Christians to focus on their inward life with Jesus. But we can never stop there. This past Sunday, we looked at how we have to go BEYOND an individual faith of just me and Jesus and invite others to experience the banquet God is preparing for us all. And there’s no better time to be talking with people than now. With Easter this Sunday, most people are more receptive to talk about Jesus…

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