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The Red Letters

The Greatest Commandment

Pastor Brent looks at Matthew 22 and how Jesus’ answer of a question about the greatest commandment reveals that we might not always be asking the right question.
The Red Letters

Woe to the Pharisees

Pastor Amy Becker looks at Matthew 23 and Jesus harsh “Woe to you” words to the Pharisees and encourages those following Jesus to not be modern day Pharisees.
The Red Letters

Something Worth Giving Everything For

Pastor Brent Clark looks at two short parables about of Jesus about treasure to discover that there is something we can either stumble upon or search for, but when we find it we will see that is it worth giving everything for. This is the second message in The Red Letters: A Series on the Teaching of Jesus.

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Free Kids Event in Des Moines, West Des Moines, Parks

5 Free Things To Do With Kids This Summer

Temperatures are rising and the kids are finally out of school. This summer, make the entire family happy with these free kids activities that are fun for the everyone and won’t break the bank. Now you have a few extra bucks to put aside for that next big family vacation, the Labor Day block party, or to spend on yourself, we won’t judge. Family Fridays Every Friday join the West Des Moines community at Jaycee Park for a free lunch…
Our beliefs are all grounded in the Bible

Is the Bible Boring?

As a pastor, I shouldn’t be admitting this, but yes, the Bible is boring in some parts. On January 1, I began a reading plan to read through the Bible in a year. That means over the past 3 months I have read countless boring parts: genealogies, numerous censuses (or is it censii?), hundreds of verses of odd rules and regulations, and various boundary markers and travel routes. It’s at this point in trying to read the Bible that many…
hammer nail and crown

Miss a Little, Miss a Lot

Have you ever been given a task to plan or a project to oversee only to have your best-laid plans go horribly awry? I have. Before I was a pastor, I was in bank operations. I remember a time when I spent months researching and preparing to implement a new system for the bank. After doing everything I thought possible to prepare for the change, everything that could possible go wrong, did go wrong. It took almost twelve months to…

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