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Ashworth Learning Center Coming Aug. 9

We are excited to be helping fill a huge need in our community – affordable child care!

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Salt and Light

Ever wonder how those who follow Jesus should engage with the world around us? So often, Christians set themselves up as adversaries to the culture (often known as cultural warriors), or sometimes we become consumed by the culture, thereby losing any influence. But is this really the way Jesus wants us to be? Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and dives into what it really means to be salt and light to the world.

The Invitation of the Beatitudes

Pastors Brent Clark and Ryan Lenerz look at the words of Jesus and how we might miss Jesus’ invitation in the beatitudes for all to be a part of the kingdom if we try to make them a list of rules to live by. #micdup #beatitudes #Jesusownwords

This Not That Temple

Pastor Brent looks at how the temple is the meeting place between God and humanity and how God’s original design was for humanity to exist in his presence and his purpose will be accomplished in the restoration of the new creation.

Church Blog

06.15.21 Feed

IT’S OK TO BE SALTY Recent slang has turned the word salty into a negative, but a couple millenia ago, being salty referred to the preserving, enriching qualities of salt. That’s why Jesus taught his disciples that rather than hiding off in a corner to hide from the evils of culture that they were supposed to be out and about in society seasoning, preserving, and enriching the world all around them, just like salt. That same instruction holds true for…

06.08.21 Feed

EVEN THE LOSERS Oftentimes the Beatitudes, the beginning of the famous Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 5-7, are viewed as how Christians ought to live. But this then implies that Christians are supposed to be poor and mournful. Perhaps there is a different way to view this important passage of scripture. What if, instead of being the way those in the Kingdom should live, it is saying that EVEN THESE types of people are invited in? This is…

06.01.21 Feed

MORE THAN A BUILDING We don’t use the word temple often, but the truth is, we can unwittingly treat our church buildings like mini-temples if we don’t understand what a temple is. This past Sunday, Pastor Brent explained how the temple is the space where heaven meets earth. The space where that happened most perfectly was in the person of Jesus. And as a result of his life, death, and resurrection – we now have the Spirit of God inside…

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