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Faith Means No Doubt

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the incorrect belief that to be a person of faith means you will never doubt and shows how Jesus uses our doubts not to rebuke us but as an opportunity to reveal himself to us.

God is a White, Male Republican

Pastor Brent Clark addresses the lie that some believe that God is a white, male, Republican, but he also addresses the more dangerous underlying tendency to make God in our own image.

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Of and For the Nations

Ashworth Missions Emphasis Month 2019We are extraordinarily blessed at Ashworth Church to have many nations represented in our church body! As a way to celebrate this unique gift and to highlight our commitment to the nations locally and globally, we want to do something a little different for Missions Emphasis Month this October. Our $15,000 goal this year is to support mission work in each of the countries represented within our church body. We have 11 nations represented at Ashworth…

A Long Road Together

For many teenagers, learning to drive and getting your first car is a turning point in your transition to independence. But for some youth, the journey is not so easy. Because of busy parent schedules and insurance issues or not having access to a car, some youth struggle to move towards reaching that important milestone of obtaining a license. Here’s where one incredible (and patient) youth worker took the opportunity to step in and help a youth reach that milestone.…

When You’re Finished Changing

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” In January of this year, I wrote on this blog that 2019 would be a year of change for Ashworth Church. And it has. This year, we made changes to the leadership structure of the church and we changed denominations. These two changes were not small but will have a significant impact on our church in the future. As much as I would like to believe that we never have…

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