Posts by Brent Clark

Posts by Brent Clark

New Deacons Nominated

As we approach the new ministry year in August, it is time once again for us to select new deacons who will be asked to serve our church and provide leadership for the future. This year, the nominating team has selected two individuals who demonstrate a passion for Jesus and a heart of service toward those both inside and outside the church. Jerry Chapman Jerry and Ann joined Ashworth Church in 2013. Jerry has served in various capacities including usher,…
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The Power of a Friendly Face

Recently I was in a conversation with a family who has been around Ashworth for about four years. I asked the wife/mom a question, “Your family came to Ashworth for the first time on an Easter Sunday. Why did you come back?” There was a pause and look of deep thought, and I said I would get back with her later. A few days later, she came to me and told me she had an answer. She said she came…
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The Season Finale

Brent and Ryan in the Morning S1 Ep31 – In the finale of SeasonOne, Brent and Ryan discuss 666, the mark of the beast, our hero, and celebrate good times (again)!
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Company is Coming

Did you know? Have you heard? Easter is THIS SUNDAY! We have spent the past six weeks encouraging you, reminding you, harassing you even, to invite family, friends, and neighbors to join you at Ashworth this Sunday. It is easy to forget why we would make such an effort to get as many people as we can here on Easter Sunday. It isn’t because I love to preach to a roomful of people. (If you know me, you know I…
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The Apocalypse

Brent and Ryan in the Morning S1 Ep 30 – Brent and Ryan discuss Brent’s favorite book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, and what’s so indescribable.
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Hell’s Flames

Brent and Ryan in the Morning S1 Ep29 – In this episode, Brent and Ryan discuss the resurrection, antichrists, and Hell’s flames.
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Who Will You Bring?

You’ve heard us talking about it a lot lately, but Easter is now just over a week away. We can continue to highlight how Google searches about religion, faith, and church increase during this time of year. We can also emphasize how people are extremely receptive to spiritual conversations and invitations to church services on Easter Sunday. But the one stat we can’t get away from is that 100% of people won’t join you for Easter at Ashworth if you…
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Dirty Feet

Brent and Ryan in the Morning – S1 Ep 28 In this episode Brent and Ryan discuss dirty feet, doubling down (even when you know you’re wrong), and a mother’s pain.
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Stretching Past the Limit

As a pastor, it is always exciting to see new people come into the church, connect with those who have been a part of the church, and eventually, call Ashworth home. And over the past few years, we have seen this happen time and time again. As exciting as it is to see new faces at Ashworth, it does begin to present challenges we have to address if we wish to continue to be the same, loving, caring church we…
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You Saw What?

Brent and Ryan in the Morning S1 Ep24 – Differing stories, angels, and someone who can empathize.

When Showing Up Really Matters

For a few weeks now, we have been talking about inviting and bringing someone with you to our Ashworth Easter services. Every week we have placed invite cards on the pews in hopes that you would pick them up, take them with you, pray over it, and eventually hand it to someone who needs a place to worship on Easter Sunday.  To add a bit more incentive to encourage you to bring someone with you to Easter this year, we…