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What to Expect

As you come to church week in and week out, you may notice minor changes here and there. Artwork in the coffee area gets changed depending on the season or special emphasis. The stage is modified now and then. A sign appears telling guests where to park. The kids’ check-in station is changed. While most of the time, we try to keep the changes to a minimum, in the coming weeks and months, more noticeable changes will be coming in…

When You’re Finished Changing

Benjamin Franklin once said, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” In January of this year, I wrote on this blog that 2019 would be a year of change for Ashworth Church. And it has. This year, we made changes to the leadership structure of the church and we changed denominations. These two changes were not small but will have a significant impact on our church in the future. As much as I would like to believe that we never have…

You’ve Been Lied To

No one likes to be lied to. Unfortunately, (and hopefully unintentionally) that may be what has happened with some messages you’ve heard from the church. In our excitement to be right and to please God, we have missed the heart behind God’s message to us. And we’re sorry about that!  Beginning Sunday, September 15, we’ll tackle some of the messages the church has to acknowledge weren’t fully true or weren’t presented in the same spirit that Jesus or the Bible…

Vision and Leadership

Today marks the end of the ministry year. As we look forward to what the new ministry year holds, we pause to say Thank You to a couple of individuals who have served on our Leadership Council for the past three years. Donnie Moran and Don Peck have each served a three-year term as a deacon. Both of these men have been a huge asset to the staff team and also to our church. Their gifts and leadership have helped…
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Company is Coming

Did you know? Have you heard? Easter is THIS SUNDAY! We have spent the past six weeks encouraging you, reminding you, harassing you even, to invite family, friends, and neighbors to join you at Ashworth this Sunday. It is easy to forget why we would make such an effort to get as many people as we can here on Easter Sunday. It isn’t because I love to preach to a roomful of people. (If you know me, you know I…
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Who Will You Bring?

You’ve heard us talking about it a lot lately, but Easter is now just over a week away. We can continue to highlight how Google searches about religion, faith, and church increase during this time of year. We can also emphasize how people are extremely receptive to spiritual conversations and invitations to church services on Easter Sunday. But the one stat we can’t get away from is that 100% of people won’t join you for Easter at Ashworth if you…
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Stretching Past the Limit

As a pastor, it is always exciting to see new people come into the church, connect with those who have been a part of the church, and eventually, call Ashworth home. And over the past few years, we have seen this happen time and time again. As exciting as it is to see new faces at Ashworth, it does begin to present challenges we have to address if we wish to continue to be the same, loving, caring church we…
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We’re Half Way There!

And we’re living on the prayer that many of you would spend another $15 and buy a second case of peanut butter!  THANK YOU for your generosity so far to our Peanut Butter Drive for the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) food pantry network! We have sold 87 cases and need to sell 83 more in the next two weeks! If every family at Ashworth purchased 2 cases, we’d accomplish our goal! I love knowing that our church partners…

Easter for Everyone

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season. In just over forty days, we will gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Growing up as a Baptist in the South, we didn’t mark these seasons of the church year. Sure, we celebrated Easter. But I didn’t know what Lent was until moving to the Midwest. Most of the time, Lent is marked by self-denial. It is common to hear people speak of what they decided to give up for…
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Peanut Butter Drive

It’s become an annual tradition for all of us at Ashworth to collect peanut butter to stock the Des Moines Area Religious Council (DMARC) food pantry. Each year, we set lofty goals, you all generously step up, and we exceed expectations and bless lots of hungry folks in Des Moines by doing so. This years goal is even loftier… and smarter.
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Church Leaders

It’s the time of year again where we begin to think about the leadership of the church and specifically those who should be asked to help us continue to lead the church forward. The current structure of our church leadership calls those who serve as deacons to do so for a term of three years. This year, Donnie Moran and Don Peck will be rotating off the Leadership Council. They have been a great source of wisdom and help in…
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Are You Ready for Easter?

Even though there is still a lot of snow on the ground and at times it seems like winter will never end, the staff and leadership team have been looking forward and making plans for springtime and Easter. Did you know that: $2.6 billion will be spent on Easter candy, 1.5 billion marshmallow Peeps will be consumed (this is one of my favorites), 81% of parents will steal candy from their kids’ stash, More Americans search for “church” around Easter…
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