Know Jesus

Know Jesus

What on earth are you here for? Many people go through life with this question always on their mind. What is my purpose? Is there more to life than this? The fact that you are asking these questions is an indication that you are ready to begin a lifelong journey of discovering your purpose and and growing in a relationship with God.

Most people spend their entire lives searching for fulfillment. Some look for fulfillment in possessions. Some look for fulfillment through pleasure. Others through prestige and power or accomplishments and success. But most find these pursuits to be empty. They may bring temporary satisfaction, but lasting peace and satisfaction always seems to be just out of your reach. Only through a relationship with God can we find true meaning and purpose in life.

We were made by God to live in a relationship with him. But sin, our rebellion against God and His desires, separated us from God. Humanity has always desired to be in control of their own destiny and this puts us in direct opposition to God and His desires. Because of our sin and our natural rebellion, we are unable to find reconciliation with Him on our own.

But God in His love provided a way for us to be reconciled to Him. Our sin deserved death and eternal separation from God, but God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to the earth to pay the debt that we could never have paid on our own. Jesus lived a sinless life but was put to death. When he was crucified on a cross, he took our sin on himself, paid the price for our sin, and bridged the gap that existed between God and man. But it didn’t end there. Jesus didn’t just die on a cross. He was buried and rose from the dead, defeating sin, death and the grave.

Humanity created religion as our attempt to reach God. We try and try to change our behavior, to live different lives, to be better people. But all our efforts never quite get us there. Christianity, unlike religions, isn’t about changing our behavior. It is about transformation from the inside out.

When we believe in Jesus Christ and his resurrection, we are changed, our lives are transformed and we find that our desires are now different than before. Instead of trying to earn God’s approval by doing good deeds, we understand that God’s love for us is now our motivation for living. We will BE different because we ARE different. We are now God’s children and begin a lifelong journey of following Jesus.

If this journey of following Jesus is what you believe has been missing from your life, then know that we are here to help you on this journey. There is one thing that the Bible makes very clear. We do not have to make this journey alone. If you are ready to start this journey, contact us at and one of our pastors will reach out to you to help you take that first step.

Ashworth exists to help people to grow in their relationship with God through Jesus Christ and we would love to help you connect with God and with other believers. We look forward to hearing from you!