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Insightful Women

Brent and Ryan in the Morning Season 1 Episode 2- Brent and Ryan discuss upside down religion, insightful women, and something really amazing.
church west des moines, church johnston, church clive, baptist church, church norwalk, church waukee

Best Baby Names

In the Series Premier of Brent & Ryan in the Morning, Brent and Ryan discuss the first few days of the Immerse Bible Reading Plan including popular baby names, teenage pregnancy, disappointment, and losing your kids.
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The Only Thing Constant

As we have turned the calendar page into a new and fresh year, we are reminded once again that as much as we like consistency, the only thing constant is change. Kids will graduate from high school and move off to college or graduate from college into the exciting world of adulthood. Jobs will shift and change. Babies will be born. Friends and loved ones will retire and move off, and some will pass away. As much as I like…
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Miss a Little, Miss a Lot

Have you ever been given a task to plan or a project to oversee only to have your best-laid plans go horribly awry? I have. Before I was a pastor, I was in bank operations. I remember a time when I spent months researching and preparing to implement a new system for the bank. After doing everything I thought possible to prepare for the change, everything that could possible go wrong, did go wrong. It took almost twelve months to…

Unity in a Nation of Disunity

As I was reading though my journal this morning, reflecting on yesterday’s message calling us to unity, I ran across my entry from November 9, 2016, the day after the election. While the election may be over, the divisiveness and division is not. I share this now because it seems as appropriate today as it did 9 months ago when I originally wrote it. The Day After an Election November 9, 2016 Congratulations, America. You’ve survived another election. But are…

Why Did I Give Up On God?

Everywhere you look today it seems we are met with more and more reports of churches in decline, people walking away from faith, and people giving up on God. Why this is happening? Unless we are willing to ask what I think can be some very real, but very difficult questions, we will never understand. Does God even deserve a second chance?Would God give me second chance? What would life be like if no one gave God a second chance…

Community Impact – Kid Cafe

Check out Kid Cafe, one of our events from summer 2016. Feeding kids at a local park  was just one of the may way we invested in our community.  Hear more about the incredible success of our Kid Cafe at Jaycee Park in West Des Moines.

All In: A Waste of Talent

Introduction Happy Birthday, Ashworth Road! It was in this month 45 years ago, November 1971, that 43 people came together for the very first worship services of a brand new church with a desire to reach this growing community of West Des Moines. As we approach this Thanksgiving season and celebrate our 45th birthday as a church, we have a lot to be thankful for: the baptisms this morning, another year of service and missions to our community and around…

All In: Sacrifice

  Introduction We are in a series called “All In — Taking Risks, Trusting God, Kingdom Impact.” Every week we are looking at a different aspect of faith and asking the question, “Am I all in?” The first week, Pastor Amy challenged us to look at our priorities: how we live, how we spend our time and our money. Does what we give prominence to reveal the priority of God in our lives? Last week, Pastor Stephen did an incredible and…

What’s the Point of Church

  Introduction What do you think comes to mind when most people hear the word church? Your friends, neighbors, coworkers… when they hear the word church, what do you think comes to their mind? What comes to mind when YOU hear the word church? You may wonder why we would ask these questions. Well, we’ve been a series where over the last 3 weeks we have been trying to ask and answer the question, “What’s the point?” This is a question that can wreak havoc in…

What’s the Point of Jesus’ Death

Introduction Last week we began a new series called, “What’s the Point?” The series is built around the idea that if we don’t understand the reason behind something or if we can’t see the value in something, then we are likely to dismiss it. I used the example of Algebra class. Most of us sat in that class learning how to solve quadratic equations, the entire time wondering, “When will I ever use this?” The overarching question we were asking…

What’s the Point of Jesus’ Life?

Series Introduction Are you a pragmatic person? Practical? I say this about myself often. And the curse of being a very practical person is that when I am confronted with something that appears to be a waste of time or pointless, I find it very difficult to muster the motivation to do it or follow through with it. Not long ago, I took a class on global missions. It was for graduate level credit, so it was important that I do well,…