Messages on Exodus

Messages on Exodus

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It’s Risky to Say Yes

Pastor Brent looks at Moses and his experience at the burning bush to understand how it is risky to say YES to God’s call but a refusal to say yes might cause us to miss out more than we could possibly imagine.
Sunday School Stories

Moses and the Red Sea

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues a look at familiar stories of the Bible by looking at Moses and the crossing of the Red Sea and how that moment continues to point us today to Jesus.

From Wrestling to Rest

In the final message of the Life Upside Down series, Pastor Brent Clark looks at the call for those who follow Jesus to stop being so busy 24-7 and find in life a rhythm of rest.

God is Jealous

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Introduction  I’m so excited to continue our series describing who God is.  Long before we began this series, when we were only in the planning stages — I was fired up to teach you all about this character trait of God.    And the reason I wanted to teach on this topic is because it’s a hard pill for many of us to swallow.  It’s one of those character…

God is Holy

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Introduction We are in the middle of a series of messages where we are trying to fill in the the blank, “God is                 .” Our goal is to deepen our understanding of who God is. When we deepen our understanding of who God is, this results in a response. We cannot come face to face with God and just walk away from it. God is not some benign force…