Messages on Psalms

Messages on Psalms

Sight and Insight

The Lord does not see things the way we see them, but how do we move from focusing on what we physically see in front of us to the insight only the Lord can provide? Pastor Steve takes a look at four passages of Scripture throughout the Bible as we continue our Lenten series.
Soul Check Sunday

Soul Check Sunday

Join us on a journey of spiritual formation where we ask how is it with your soul? Adn create space to listen to God.
the essentials

The Essentials – Humanity

Pastor Ryan looks at how our view of humanity is essential and impacts our view of ourselves, others, and God. Perfect… Sort of Happy Valentine’s Day!  Today is a day all about love and so I want to begin with each you you taking a moment and think about the most perfect person.  For those of you who are married, you should be thinking about your spouse – obvioously.  If you’re single, think about your first crush.  Whether married or…
restoring the foundation

Hitting the Wall

Pastor Brent Clark looks at how when we follow Jesus, we can sometimes hit a spiritual wall that leaves us feeling empty and that God has left us, but we can endure and push through the wall.
Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-Up

Pastor Brent looks at Psalm 32 and how this is a good time to do a little soul searching and some fall clean-up in our lives.
unpause sermon series

Unpause Celebration

Pastors Brent and Ryan talk about the importance of celebration and how even in difficult circumstances we can find reasons to celebrate. Discussion Questions How might the world’s opinion of Christians be different if Christians were better known for genuine celebration? If you haven’t already, take a moment to really reflect on what God has done in your life in 2020 and give him thanks for it all. What can you do in your daily / weekly habits to be…
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Auld Lang Syne

Pastor Ryan shares the importance of remembering God’s work in our lives in the past year so we are better able to have a successful year next year.

The Lost Art of Meditation

Pastor Brent looks at the misconceptions that usually surround meditation and discovers why Christians must rediscover the lost art of Meditation.
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Home Alone

Using scenes from Home Alone, Pastor Brent Clark looks at the problem of loneliness at Christmas and how we are created for relationship.

God is Infinite

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. New Series called God Is Today it is my pleasure to kick off a new message series we’re calling “God Is.”  Now I know, some of you might already be feeling a little disappointed going from such a practical series as GetFit to one you expect to be so dry and boring.   But I promise this series won’t be dry and disconnected from the life you are living…