Messages on Job

Messages on Job

restoring the foundation

Honest to God

Pastor Ryan looks at how life may not often be what we expect but true growth only occurs when we acknowledge our baggage and are real and authentic with God. Discussion Questions What is the main reason you struggle to be honest with God? Shame, pride, fear, thinking God can’t handle it? Why do you think that is? As you have taken time to reflect on the message, what baggage have you realized you have been silently carrying? How are…

Dialogue: When God is Silent

Introduction Today we take up a topic that I am positive we have all had to deal with at some point in our lives. In fact, I dare say that some of us here this morning are currently living in this moment right now. Over the last month, we have been looking at the topic of prayer in this series we call “Dialogue – Recovering the Lost Art of Communicating with God.” For four weeks we have seen how prayer…