Sermons on Romans

Sermons on Romans

Church West Des Moines

It’s Not Over Yet

Pastor Brent Clark concludes the My Bad series by looking at the hope we have for the future when the cosmic results of sin are removed and God restores everything and makes all things new.
Church West Des Moines

Guilt-Free Living

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Romans 7 and 8 to see what it takes to live a guilt-free live and how the solution lies not in focusing on the sin but on focusing on the Savior.
Church West Des Moines

What is Sin?

Pastor Brent Clark kicks off a new series called “My Bad: Understanding What Separates Us from God.” Many people have experiences with Christ followers and churches where sin is used as a club to beat people with and create lots of guilt, shame, judgment and condemnation. But what of the message of sin was less about condemnation and more about hope? What if by truly understanding our sin we are able to get a greater understanding of God and his…

From Pain to Purpose

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues to look at Life: Upside Down to discover how God can take our pain and turn it form pointless to purposeful.

Finding Victory

Pastor Ryan Lenerz takes a look at would we have victory in this spiritual battle but how victory may not look like what we think it is.