Messages on 1 Peter

Messages on 1 Peter

How to Answer

How should we prepare to have tough conversations about faith? Are we even answering the questions the people around us are asking? Pastor Brent begins our new series about how to share the message of Jesus in an ever-changing world.
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Tearing Down Fences Through Hospitality

Pastor Brent looks at what the writers of the New Testament teach about hospitality and how through hospitality we can tear down the fences between us and those around us in the world.   Fences: Tearing Down Fences Through Hospitality Romans 12:13, 1 Peter 4:9 Introduction I am fascinated by social media. Not so much by what everyone is posting, rather I am fascinated by what social media has done to our culture. Specifically, how someone can have 792 friends…

Villains of the Bible – Satan – The Original Villain

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Heroes and Villains I am a self-professed nerd. I love for Star Trek. This love led me at one time to attend a Star Trek convention. One thing I have never had a great love for was comic books or graphic novels. I read a lot already, so reading is rarely a recreational activity for me. But, I do love comic book movies. Batman. Spiderman. Superman. X-Men. The Avengers.…