Messages on 1 John

Messages on 1 John

Watching for Love in All the Wrong Places

Pastor Brent takes a deep dive into our relentless search for love, using modern reality TV shows as a cautionary backdrop. He shows how these shows often lead us astray, presenting love as a mere spectacle rather than a genuine connection. Drawing from biblical teachings, Pastor Brent guides us toward recognizing the pitfalls of seeking love in superficial pursuits and encourages us to turn our gaze toward the perfect love demonstrated by God through Jesus Christ as we learn to…

Truth and Discernment

In a world that says all truth is relative, how can those who want to authentically follow Jesus stand for anything? And as we go through the process of deconstruction is there anything we can truly believe? Pastor Brent looks at truth, the dangers of falling into the relative truth trap, the importance of discernment, and how absolute truth doesn’t weigh us down but is where we can find freedom.
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Knowing God Through Obedience

Pastor Brent looks at 1 John to see the important role obedience plays in our ability to truly know and experience God. Discussion Questions Are you more compliant or strong-willed? How easy is it for you to obey when someone asks (or requires) something of you? Why do you think this is? How have you tried to substitute other things, like religious activity or legalism for obedience to God? Is God calling you to obedience in some area of your…
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Given Life to Give Life

Pastor Brent looks at the tension that exists between what Jesus said and what we think and how it is in surrendering to Jesus that true life can be experienced so that we can then give life to others.
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The Necessity of the Cross

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the various theories of atonement, what the work of Jesus’ death of the cross accomplished and the difficult question of why did Jesus have to die?

Confession and Repentance

Pastor Brent Clark continues the Spring Cleaning series by looking the need to clean out the clutter of our souls through confession and repentance.
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Pastor Ryan Lenerz begins the 2016 Christmas series A Christmas Story by looking at the movie Elf and 1 John to examine how we are children of God.