Sermons by Ryan Lenerz

Sermons by Ryan Lenerz

The Red Letters

How to Be Great

Pastor Ryan Lenerz kicks off the summer series called “The Red Letters: The Teachings of Jesus” by looking at what Jesus had to teach the disciples when they began arguing over who was the greatest. Jesus taught that true greatness comes not in being served but in serving others and is not found in authority but in submission.
My Bad - Understanding What Separates Us From God

Guilt-Free Living

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at Romans 7 and 8 to see what it takes to live a guilt-free live and how the solution lies not in focusing on the sin but on focusing on the Savior.
My Bad - Understanding What Separates Us From God

Its Killing You

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at the consequences of sin and how even if we attempt to deny it, the reality of the nature of sin is that is has killed us whether we feel dead spiritually or not. He also looks at God’s attitude toward sin and how God’s wrath comes into play when it comes to sin.
You Were Made for This

Made for the Glory of God

Ryan Lenerz wraps up the You Were Made for This series and looks at the Bible to see how the ultimate purpose of man is to reflect the glory of God and exactly what that looks like in our day to day lives. Check out the other messages in the You Were Made for This series here. Other messages included You Were Made for Life with God and You Were Made for the Image of God.

Evangelism is a Team Effort

Pastor Ryan Lenerz concludes the Awkward series by seeing how even though we elevate the Apostle Paul as someone who often shared his faith, he often did so with the help of others as a team. My Roll on a Basketball Team I really enjoy playing basketball.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been tall – but basketball has been a part of my life for as long as I could dribble a ball.  I still try to play at least…

Clearing Out the Clutter of Our Finances

Pastor Ryan Lenerz concludes the message series, Spring Cleaning: Clearing Out the Clutter, by looking at how we sometimes have clutter in our finances and are investing in the temporary without making lasting investments in things that will last forever.


Pastor Ryan Lenerz kicks off a new series that challenges those who follow Jesus to evaluate their lives and their stuff to see how the Biblical call to simplicity can bring freedom and joy.

The Lost Art of Celebration

Too often, when people think of Christianity, they think dull, boring, and somber. But is this how it is supposed to be? Pastor Ryan addresses the Lost Art of Celebration in this week’s message.

The Lost Art of Prayer

Pastor Ryan Lenerz kicks off a new series for 2018, The Lost Arts: Ancient Practices for a Post-Modern Faith, by looking at the lost art of prayer.

The Resurrection Part 1

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at the first half of 1 Corinthians 15 to see the significance of the resurrection in the life of those following Jesus.


Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at how sin and freedom are alluring but we must be on guard for allowing worldliness into our lives.

The Mind of Christ

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues the This Is Us: Real Faith for Real Life series by looking at what the Apostle Paul had to say to the Corinthian church about how to know and understand the mind of Christ.