This Not That Priest

This Not That Priest

Pastor Ryan looks at how the priesthood changed from the Old Testament to the New and how Jesus as our great High Priest calls us to be a priesthood of believers who follow him.

Priests Through Scripture

  1. God’s Original Plan: Adam & Eve – No Priest Needed. They had direct access to God. Unfortunately, sin ruined this plan and separated humanity from God.
  2. God’s Family Plan: The Israelites – A Kingdom of Priests. In Exodus 19:6 God offered for the Israelites to be a Kingdom of Priests. But the people were afraid of God and asked Moses to be the mediator between God and all of them – and they sent him up Mount Sinai alone.
  3. God’s Revised Plan: Priests – Selected from the Tribe of Levi. God established a priesthood to stand between the people and God. Those from the family of Aaron served as the high priests and others served as priests offering sacrifices to God for the people.
  4. Jesus Changes Everything: Jesus is the Ultimate High Priest. The book of Hebrews shows us how Jesus is the perfect High Priest, a mediator between us and God, is eternal, and yet has been tempted and suffered just like us.
  5. Followers of Jesus: A Royal Priesthood. Like God originally intended for the Israelites, we all have direct access to God through Jesus.

Discussion Questions

  1. Why is it good news that Jesus is the only mediator between you and God?
  2. In what ways have you unconsciously been viewing Ashworth Church leaders like an Old Covenant Priest?
  3. How might you act differently knowing you are a priest, with direct access to God who can mediate between God and those who are not yet following Jesus?


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