Messages on Ecclesiastes

Messages on Ecclesiastes

Church West Des Moines

All I want for Christmas is You

Pastor Ryan describes how our heart leads us after all sorts of things on a search for happiness, but our only true, lasting satisfaction comes from a relationship with Jesus.


Pastor Ryan Lenerz kicks off a new series that challenges those who follow Jesus to evaluate their lives and their stuff to see how the Biblical call to simplicity can bring freedom and joy.

The Lost Art of Celebration

Too often, when people think of Christianity, they think dull, boring, and somber. But is this how it is supposed to be? Pastor Ryan addresses the Lost Art of Celebration in this week’s message.


Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Get Fit Recap I’m so glad to have the privilege of wrapping up this series we’re calling GetFit today.  And I’m not glad because I’m tired of it, but because it’s been such a helpful series for so many of you.   Here is a brief recap of the ways we want to help you GetFit in 2016.  We kicked off this series the first Sunday of January talking about being BodyFit. …