Messages on Colossians

Messages on Colossians

God is a White, Male Republican

Pastor Brent Clark addresses the lie that some believe that God is a white, male, Republican, but he also addresses the more dangerous underlying tendency to make God in our own image.

Remix: You Are in Christ

Pastors Brent and Ryan team up again to revisit the series Who Do You Think You Are to look at the importance of understanding what it means to center our identity in Jesus Christ.
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Leave a Mark on Someone

Pastor Brent kicks off a new series that looks at how we can leave a mark on the world and live our lives for more than just ourselves. The first message shares the story of Ben and how being prayerful, alert, and ready gave several people around Ben the opportunity to share Jesus with him.
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Evangelism is a Team Effort

Pastor Ryan Lenerz concludes the Awkward series by seeing how even though we elevate the Apostle Paul as someone who often shared his faith, he often did so with the help of others as a team. My Roll on a Basketball Team I really enjoy playing basketball.  Maybe it’s because I’ve always been tall – but basketball has been a part of my life for as long as I could dribble a ball.  I still try to play at least…

The Lost Art of Prayer

Pastor Ryan Lenerz kicks off a new series for 2018, The Lost Arts: Ancient Practices for a Post-Modern Faith, by looking at the lost art of prayer.