Messages on Genesis

Messages on Genesis

the essentials

The Essentials – God

Pastor Brent looks at how the belief in a god might not distinguish Christianity from other faiths but the why viewing God as a Triune, Creator, Ruler God is essential to the Christian faith. Discussion Questions How does your belief in God impact your sense of holiness? Justice? Love for neighbor? Do you tend to think of God as ONE or as THREE distinct and different Gods? Why do you think it is important to our faith to keep a balance…
Best Christmas Ever

The Christmas Family

Pastor Ryan traces the role of the family from Genesis to Revelation and how the family of God is so critical in making this the Best. Christmas. Ever.
Best Christmas Ever

The Christmas Light

Pastor Brent traces the importance of light from the beginning to the end of the biblical narrative and how Christmas is a reminder of the light of Jesus that has dawned to overcome the darkness.
What the World Needs Now is Love

What the World Needs Now is Justice

Pastor Brent Clark looks at how the issues of equality and justice are not political issues but something God has been addressing since the beginning of creation and how Christ-followers are uniquely positioned to address racism and injustice when we see and experience it. Ashworth@Home Questions If we are all created in the image of God (the imago Dei), what does that say about ethnic diversity? What does that say about the nature of God? What difference would it make…
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Why Am I Here?

Pastor Ryan answers the question we all ask ourselves from time to time – why am I here? Does this world have a purpose, and if so, what’s mine?
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Where Did I Come From?

Pastor Brent begins a new series called The Big 3 – Life’s Biggest Questions by looking at the question where did I come from? Brent addresses the false dichotomy that can be built between science and faith and how understanding when and how God created isn’t as important as the truth of that God created.
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Made for the Image of God

Pastor Brent looks at Genesis 1 and how the way God created humanity instilled within us a worth and value. This message shows how being uniquely made in the image of God should change the way we see ourselves and the way we view and treat others. This message references a message Pastor Brent preached in 2015 on Creation and The Big Story of God. You Were Made for the Image of God Genesis 1:26-27 Introduction Last week we began…
Sunday School Stories


Pastor Stephen Wonbenyakeh wraps up the Sunday School Stories series by looking at the life of Joseph and how even in adversity you can be a blessing to others.

The Real Enemy

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues the series looking at spiritual warfare by looking at our real enemy.
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Home Alone

Using scenes from Home Alone, Pastor Brent Clark looks at the problem of loneliness at Christmas and how we are created for relationship.

God is Missional

Introduction  Today we are going to conclude our series called “God Is.”  We have loved hearing stories from some of you about how your view of God has been stretched and deepened as a result of these messages.  While I say today is our final message in this series, by no means have we preached an exhaustive list of the character traits of God… after all, we never even taught about the Love of God!   But we chose to teach on…
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