Sermons on Genesis

Sermons on Genesis

Church West Des Moines

Made for the Image of God

Pastor Brent looks at Genesis 1 and how the way God created humanity instilled within us a worth and value. This message shows how being uniquely made in the image of God should change the way we see ourselves and the way we view and treat others. This message references a message Pastor Brent preached in 2015 on Creation and The Big Story of God. You Were Made for the Image of God Genesis 1:26-27 Introduction Last week we began…
Sunday School Stories


Pastor Stephen Wonbenyakeh wraps up the Sunday School Stories series by looking at the life of Joseph and how even in adversity you can be a blessing to others.

The Real Enemy

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues the series looking at spiritual warfare by looking at our real enemy.
Church West Des Moines

Home Alone

Using scenes from Home Alone, Pastor Brent Clark looks at the problem of loneliness at Christmas and how we are created for relationship.
Church West Des Moines

The Fall and the Big Story of God

Lead Pastor Brent Clark continues the Big Story of God by looking at Genesis 3 and the story of the fall, the effects of sin on creation and humanity, and the glimpse of God’s plan of redemption and salvation from the very beginning.
Church West Des Moines

Creation and the Big Story of God

Pastor Brent looks at Genesis 1 and the story of creation as we kick off a new series that examines how these stories in the Bible tie together into a single narrative to create the Big Story of God.   Once Upon a Time “Once upon a time…” These four words bring back good memories for many of us.  Perhaps it is the memory of a mom or dad sitting beside you after they tucked you into bed and began…