Messages on Seeking God

Messages on Seeking God

Imagine Message Series

God Hates Hypocrisy

Pastor Ryan wraps up the “Imagine: From What Is to What Could Be” series by looking at a prophetic word in Amos to see how it isn’t our religious practice that pleases God. God looks at the heart.
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It’s Risky to Forget

Pastor Brent looks at Jesus’ words to a church to see how risky it is when we forget why we started following Jesus and how remembering is critical to a vibrant and healthy relationship with Jesus and others.
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Santa Claus is Coming to Town – Grace

Pastor Brent Clark explains how our understanding of Santa Claus always watching to see if we’ve been bad or good has seeped into our understanding of God.  But the good news for us is that God saves us through the gift of his grace!
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Grace Under Fire

Pastor Brent looks at Ephesians 2:8-10 and how grace radically changes what we can do to earn our way to and make ourselves right with God. This is the second message in the series “The More You Know.”
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Who’s the Boss?

Pastor Brent Clark begins a new series call The More You Know that looks at seven verses everyone should know. This week, he begins with Proverbs 3:5-6 and the importance of trusting God.
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The Doctor Is In!

Guest Speaker Andy Hermanson teaches on Matthew 9 where Jesus tells his disciples that healthy people don’t need a doctor but that sick people do. Fortunately Jesus is the doctor who can bring healing to our lives!
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The Greatest Commandment

Pastor Brent looks at Matthew 22 and how Jesus’ answer of a question about the greatest commandment reveals that we might not always be asking the right question.
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Something Worth Giving Everything For

Pastor Brent Clark looks at two short parables about of Jesus about treasure to discover that there is something we can either stumble upon or search for, but when we find it we will see that is it worth giving everything for. This is the second message in The Red Letters: A Series on the Teaching of Jesus.
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Made for the Glory of God

Ryan Lenerz wraps up the You Were Made for This series and looks at the Bible to see how the ultimate purpose of man is to reflect the glory of God and exactly what that looks like in our day to day lives. Check out the other messages in the You Were Made for This series here. Other messages included You Were Made for Life with God and You Were Made for the Image of God.
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Made for the Image of God

Pastor Brent looks at Genesis 1 and how the way God created humanity instilled within us a worth and value. This message shows how being uniquely made in the image of God should change the way we see ourselves and the way we view and treat others. This message references a message Pastor Brent preached in 2015 on Creation and The Big Story of God. You Were Made for the Image of God Genesis 1:26-27 Introduction Last week we began…
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You Were Made for Life with God

Pastor Brent Clark preaches an Easter message that looks at 2 Corinthians 5 and how the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ destroys the barrier that exists and reconciles us to God.
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