The British Invasion (and Other Signs We Need Other Cultures)

The British Invasion (and Other Signs We Need Other Cultures)

What is it with the current cultural fascination with all things British? THe Bake Off? Dr. Who? Downton Abby? In this message titled “The British Invasion (and Other Signs We Need Other Cultures),” Pastor Brent explores the cultural fascination with British influence and how it intersects with our faith.

From the timeless allure of the British Invasion to the impact of diverse cultural elements on our lives, Pastor Brent delves into the questions of why certain aspects of foreign cultures are embraced while others are met with resistance. Drawing from biblical teachings, he challenges us to examine our perspectives and actions toward those who differ from us.

By delving into Luke 10:25-37, Pastor Brent sheds light on Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan, revealing how our attitudes toward others and our willingness to embrace diversity reflect our relationship with God. This engaging sermon challenges us to break down walls of division and embrace God’s design for a diverse world.


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