Messages on Faith (Page 2)

Messages on Faith (Page 2)

I Can Do Faith All By Myself

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the problems with a personal relationship with Jesus and shows how our faith is dependent upon taking the journey with others.

Pray this Prayer to be Saved

Pastor Brent looks at the misconceptions surrounding salvation and why a pray this prayer theology has many problems and might produce decisions but not necessarily disciples.

Faith Means No Doubt

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the incorrect belief that to be a person of faith means you will never doubt and shows how Jesus uses our doubts not to rebuke us but as an opportunity to reveal himself to us.
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It’s Risky to Forget

Pastor Brent looks at Jesus’ words to a church to see how risky it is when we forget why we started following Jesus and how remembering is critical to a vibrant and healthy relationship with Jesus and others.
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It’s Risky to Say Yes

Pastor Brent looks at Moses and his experience at the burning bush to understand how it is risky to say YES to God’s call but a refusal to say yes might cause us to miss out more than we could possibly imagine.

Unexpected Doubt

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Introduction We are at the beginning of a new series we kicked off last week called “Unexpected: What You Never Saw Coming.” For four weeks we are going to be looking at the period of time right after that first Easter Sunday to see how everything that Jesus did during this period was totally and completely unexpected. Last week, we looked at the resurrection of Jesus and how everyone was…

Faithful: Revealed Faith

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Faith Themes in Second Timothy Today we are wrapping up a series called “Faithful.” We have looked at each of the major themes in a letter the Apostle Paul wrote to his protégé, Timothy. This is Second Timothy in our Bibles. Paul penned this letter while he was in prison. It is the last preserved correspondence we have between Paul and Timothy. In the letter, Paul wants to guide Timothy…

Faithful: Enduring Faith

Commitment One of thehardest things for me as a parent is getting my kids to followthrough with the commitments they’vemade, and even more so on the commitments I have made for them. Maybe you’ve experienced this as well. Your child says they wantto play a sport or do some activity, but after abouttwo days or weeks into it, after a few practices, or after having to get upearly one time for it, they decide they don’t wantto do it anymore.…

Faithful: Pure Faith

Lately, my son has been infatuatedwith a show on the Travel Channel called “Gem Hunt.” In the show, the maincharacter, Ron LeBlanc, is traveling around the world to remote areas insearch of precious gems. Often, he’ll show up in a village and people from allover will bring him colored rocks for him to buy. His problem is that among thevery valuable, pure gemstones are common worthless stones, impure stones, andsynthetic stones made to imitate the real thing. One of the…