Messages on Matthew (Page 3)

Messages on Matthew (Page 3)

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Connecting With God

Pastor Brent continues looking at what makes the church the church and how connecting with God in community is what distinguishes the church from every other organization.

Christians Are Soldiers for God

In the second message of the “You’ve Been Lied To (and we’re sorry about that)” series, Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at the idea that Christ-followers should be militaristic in our approach to spreading Christian values and how the way fo Jesus shows us another way.
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Given Life to Give Life

Pastor Brent looks at the tension that exists between what Jesus said and what we think and how it is in surrendering to Jesus that true life can be experienced so that we can then give life to others.

You Are Blessed

Pastor Brent looks at what the Apostle Paul and Jesus have to say when it comes to being blessed and how it is different from what we call #blessed today. Ephesians 1:3-6, Matthew 5 Introduction Good morning everyone and thanks so much for being here. My name is Brent, and I am one of the pastors here at Ashworth. Have you ever been in a conversation where something was talked about, and as the conversation continues, you realize that you…
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White Christmas Expectations

Pastor Brent kicks off The Christmas Album and looks at songs like White Christmas and I’ll Be Home for Christmas and how often our expectations don’t match our circumstances but by keeping our focus on Christ we can see that our unmet expectations can be redeemed and quite possibly lead to more than we could have hoped or imagined.
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Leave a Mark on the Church

Pastor Brent looks at how even though many today consider church to be optional, Jesus considered the church the best and most effective way to change the world and the importance of those following Jesus to leave a mark on and through the church.
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Tearing Down Fences Through Peacemaking

Pastor Ryan shares how our God is a peacemaking God and as a result, followers of Jesus should be looking to bring peace everywhere we go as well.   Fences: Tearing Down Fences Through Peacemaking Matthew 5:9, 2 Corinthians 5:18-20 Today’s message is the capstone on our series Fences where we have been looking at how to maintain healthy relationships.  The reason we did this series is because, when you really think about it, relationships are the air we breathe…
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Mending Fences through Conflict Resolution

Pastor Brent looks at the relationships in our lives that need to be mended and how we should approach conflict resolution with others. Sermon Manuscript Fences: Mending Fences Conflict Resolution Matthew 5:23, Romans 12:18, Colossians 3:12-13 In our relationships, there are some words that we find very difficult to say. With that crush you’ve been carrying for some time, maybe it’s just me, but I remember, my hands getting all sweaty, my mouth getting all dry, my heart racing, and…
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Mission Impossible

Pastor Brent Clark looks at Matthew 28:18-20 to see how the commission to be a disciple and to go and make disciples means so much more than just giving people an education. It means more than knowing about Jesus. It means being like him.