The Narrow Way

The Narrow Way

As Jesus concludes his Sermon on the Mount he makes some shocking claims about those who will and won’t follow him. Is Jesus being narrow-minded in making such exclusive claims? Or is there a true dichotomy that Jesus presents us that we must contend with?

Additional Resource

From NIVAC – Matthew by Michael J. Wilkins

In these four brief scenes that conclude the SM, all of humanity stands before Jesus, and he asks each, “What will you do with me?”
• 7:13–14: Will you enter the gate to life in the kingdom of heaven and embark on a life of following me? Or will you reject me for the popular road that leads to destruction?
• 7:15–20: Will you find in me the inner source of transformation that will produce the good fruit of life? Or will you follow the prophetic voices of this world that hype a promise of life but will only take you into the fires of hell?
• 7:21–23: Will you obey my Father’s will and come to me as your only Lord? Or will you chase after false manifestations of spirituality that result in eternal banishment?
• 7:24–27: Will you build your life on me as your solid rock? Or will the pleasant ease of your life cause you to be unprepared for the storms that will come in this life and that will ultimately wash you away into the desolation of the afterlife


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