Messages on Luke (Page 2)

Messages on Luke (Page 2)

Merry Christmas? Questions of Christmas

How Will This Be?

In the final message of the Merry Christmas? series, Pastor Brent Clark looks at Mary’s question when she hears she will give birth to the Messiah, Jesus. Brent challenges us to consider in our own lives if we are looking for human answers when God is offering divine solutions.
Merry Christmas? Questions of Christmas

Why Am I So Favored?

Pastor Brent Clark continues the 2017 Christmas series by looking at Elizabeth’s question in Luke 1:39-45, Why am I so favored? Her question reverse the age-old question of “Why do bad things happen to good people?” and instead asks “Why do good things happen to good people?” We are challenged then to consider what are you doing with all you’ve been given?
Merry Christmas? Questions of Christmas

How Can I Be Sure?

Pastor Amy Becker kicks off a new series called Merry Christmas? which looks at some of the biblical questions surrounding the Christmas story. This week, we look at Zechariah’s question after the foretelling of the birth of John the Baptist, “How can I be sure of this?”
Give God a Second Chance

Would God Give Me a Second Chance?

Pastor Brent Clark looks again at the story of the Prodigal Son and how the response of the Father of the story is an example of who God pursues, welcomes, and forgives us, giving us a second chance.
Sunday School Stories

Jesus Feeds the Multitude

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the story of Jesus feeding the multitude and how he can help us with what seems to be impossible odds in our life.

From Ordinary to Significant

Team Pastor Amy Becker continues to look at how upside life is in the kingdom and how God takes what we consider to be an ordinary life and makes it into something very world changing and significant.

Something Worth Giving Everything For

Introduction As we approach the end of July, we approach the end of another ministry year. And this has been a great year. It seems very evident to me that God has been leading us as a church, and God has been blessing our efforts over the last year. It’s not that he owes us because we are something special, but because our desire has been to find where he is working and join him there and to glorify His…

Summer School: Greed and Wealth

Introduction We are in the middle of a series of messages we are doing over the summer called “Summer School: Life Lessons from Proverbs.” Proverbs is this very interesting book in the Old Testament that many people treat like a fortune cookie. When we want advice we crack it open and read one of the “fortunes” to tell us what we should do. The problem is that this isn’t how Proverbs are meant to be read. They aren’t concerned as…

Dialogue: Authentic Prayer

Introduction We  are in the middle of a series we are calling “Dialogue: Recovering the Lost Art of Communicating with God.” And that is just our fancy way of saying we want to spend a few weeks talking about prayer.  We began the series talking about why prayer is necessary. If we aren’t careful, we can get caught in the trap of thinking praying doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t do anything or change anything, so why bother? But what we…

Dialogue: The Necessity of Prayer

Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Prayer Defined We are kicking off a brand new series of messages we are calling “Dialogue: Recovering the Lost Art of Communicating with God.” Over the next several weeks we want to take a look at how we communicate with God. I think we all bring certain thoughts and ideas about prayer with us, things we have been taught or have heard through the years, passages of the Bible…

Unexpected Encounter

Sermon Podcast Audio Introduction Today I have the privilege of teaching from one of my favorite stories about Jesus.  And that’s a pretty BIG statement given all the stories about Jesus in the Bible.  I mean, whether you’re a Christian or not, the stories of Jesus in the Bible are rather incredible; they tend to draw you in and make you want to know more about this man and his miracles.  He taught with such wisdom.  Many of the things he said are cliches everyone…