Unexpected: What You Never Saw Coming

Unexpected: What You Never Saw Coming

Have you ever been around someone who has told you a story more than once. In fact, it might be that you have heard it so often that you could tell the story yourself! If the story was meant to be funny, you probably don’t laugh after you’ve heard it the first time. And if the story is moving, you might even become a little numb to the emotion of it by the third or fourth time you hear it.

When we hear the story of Jesus, sometimes, because we have heard it multiple times, we forget or we fail to see the significance and importance of the story. But what if we put ourselves in the position of those experiencing it for the first time? How would we respond to the resurrection? What would we have expected the outcome to be? Would we have believed without seeing it for ourselves? 

Join us at Ashworth Road beginning Sunday, March 27 as we look at the resurrection of Jesus and the days that followed. As we look at this story with fresh eyes, I think we will see that everything that happened was Unexpected: What You Never Saw Coming. 


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