The Essentials – Q&A

The Essentials – Q&A

Pastors Brent and Ryan look at the category of beliefs that are not necessarily essentials called distinctives and answer questions raised during the Essentials series.

Discussion Questions

  1. If somebody asked you to explain your understanding of if a person can lose their salvation, what would you tell them?
  2. At Ashworth we leave room for a lot of tension and grey in our understanding of scripture. Do you appreciate this approach or do you wish we were more black and white on all issues? Why?
  3. What is one issue through these entire series you disagree with us about? Take a moment this week to further investigate this issue to solidify your understanding or to potentially change your view on the issue.

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  1. Jennifer A Reeder

    What would I say to someone if they asked if you can lose your salvation? To the answer is simple. If you are genuinely saved and believe heart, mind, body , and soul Jesus died for your sins and was resurrected on the 3rd day then absolutely not you can not lose your salvation. Only way you can is if you accept the mark of the beast in which case you were not saved genuinely to begin with.

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