Messages on Truth

Messages on Truth

Heresy & Truth

In the midst of difficult conversations about life and faith, where do we find our basis for truth? Pastor Brent continues our new series by exploring the concept of heresy and its impact on spiritual communities, offering practical insight to discern what is essential and what is not.

Truth and Discernment

In a world that says all truth is relative, how can those who want to authentically follow Jesus stand for anything? And as we go through the process of deconstruction is there anything we can truly believe? Pastor Brent looks at truth, the dangers of falling into the relative truth trap, the importance of discernment, and how absolute truth doesn’t weigh us down but is where we can find freedom.
What the World Needs Now is Love

What the World Needs Now is Truth

Pastor Ryan takes a look at how truth has become relative, but that objective truth is difficult to find when we are all looking through our own lenses but can still be found in Jesus.
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The Big Story of God: The Law

Introduction This entry is part of a series called, “The Big Story of God.” We are looking at the overarching theme or narrative running in the Bible from the start to the very end. In previous entries, we saw a personal God that creates everything and desires his creation (you and me) to know him. We saw that humanity disobeyed him, destroying our relationship with him, and allowing sin to enter the world.  Even then, God’s desire for his creation to…