Messages on Sin

Messages on Sin

Temptation and Sin

We join in exploring Scripture passages outlined in the Lectionary with churches around the world in this new series, Beauty for Ashes. Pastor Brent begins by addressing the temptation we witness in the Gospel of Matthew. Ultimately, we can only grasp the magnitude of God’s love when we understand the magnitude of our own sin and weaknesses.

The Fall

As we continue The Big Picture series, we come to a breaking point. Even though the Garden of Eden was perfect, we still see sin enter the world through Adam and Eve in Genesis 2-3. Our story doesn’t stop there, though. Despite the brokenness and pride of humankind, God’s desire is always for restoration rather than condemnation.

You Are Free

Pastor Ryan unpacks what it means for a follower of Jesus to be free: that we are free FROM sin and legalism and free TO love others and do good works.
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It’s Not Over Yet

Pastor Brent Clark concludes the My Bad series by looking at the hope we have for the future when the cosmic results of sin are removed and God restores everything and makes all things new.
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The Necessity of the Cross

Pastor Brent Clark looks at the various theories of atonement, what the work of Jesus’ death of the cross accomplished and the difficult question of why did Jesus have to die?
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Its Killing You

Pastor Ryan Lenerz looks at the consequences of sin and how even if we attempt to deny it, the reality of the nature of sin is that is has killed us whether we feel dead spiritually or not. He also looks at God’s attitude toward sin and how God’s wrath comes into play when it comes to sin.
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The Big Story of God: The Fall

From Good to Fallen Earlier, we began a series called, “The Big Story of God.” We started at the beginning of the story. Our story doesn’t begin with “Once upon a time.” It begins with, “In the beginning God created…” As we started looking at the story, we saw from this passage that the most important take-away from the creation story wasn’t the “how” or the “when” of creation, but the “who” and the “why.” We saw that the “who”…

Transformed: Bondage to Freedom

Sermon Podcast Audio  Your browser does not support the audio element. This article is going to tackle the topic of SIN.  I know this isn’t exactly what most of you are interested in reading about,  but don’t worry – I’m not here to condemn you for your sin or to give you a list of ways to try harder to fight it.  My hope is that by the end you will have a good idea of what it means to…