Messages on Jesus

Messages on Jesus

Our Response

Now that we’ve explored who Jesus is, it’s time to respond. Pastor Brent and Pastor Amy dive into the various responses to Jesus we see in Scripture, encouraging us to follow Jesus in every facet of our lives.


As we rediscover who Jesus is, we may also need to rediscover what His message was. Jesus spoke about the Kingdom of God more than just about anything else. Pastor Brent explores His message, ultimately encouraging us to remember that Jesus does and will still move among us as we work to establish the Kingdom of God.


Politics consume us. They tend to inform the way we see ourselves, our neighbors, and the world around us. What does Jesus have to say about our political leanings, though? Was Jesus even political? Listen as Pastor Brent shares about this divisive subject, teaching us that no political party or politician can save the world—only Jesus can do that.


As we explore “the real Jesus” behind the many counterfeits we find in society, we are challenged to respond. Listen as Pastor Steve explores Christ’s mission on Earth, influencing how we engage with the people and world around us.

Jesus & the Outcasts

Jesus loved the easiest people to hate, showed respect to the disrespected, and blessed those who could offer nothing in return. He championed the outcasts of society, demonstrating His incredible love and compassion to all who came near and challenging us to do the same.


Jesus was a humble King. In the stories of His miracles, teachings, and way of life, we constantly find Him serving the people around Him. As Pastor Amy explores this unique aspect of Jesus, it challenges us to question what it truly means to be “great.”


Jesus was known by his radical compassion. His compassion wasn’t just an emotional response; it was also a physical one that led to the relief of pain and alienation. We too can grow in compassion by sitting at the feet of Jesus.

Is Jesus for Real?

Will the real Jesus please stand up? In a world of counterfeits, it’s difficult to determine who the real Jesus is. This Easter Sunday, Pastor Brent explores the resurrection of Jesus. Who was there? How did it happen, and what does this pivotal moment tell us about who Jesus is?

In Simplicity

We live hurried, complicated lives and often hurried, complicated faiths. But in Scripture, we find that the message of Jesus is quite simple: Love the Lord, and the love your neighbors as yourself.

What is the Soil?

Where have you planted roots? In a world of countless options, it’s difficult to find the best soil. Listen as Pastor Brent launches our new sermon series, focusing on being rooted in Jesus.

God With Us

God became flesh. It’s a simple yet profound truth that brings a holy, all-powerful God to our front doorstep. Listen as Pastor Amy helps prepare our hearts and minds to celebration the miracle of Jesus’ birth and His invitation to become the overlap between heaven and earth.

In Plain Sight – Jesus Revolution

In the late 60s and early 70s, something started happening among the hippies, druggies and that society rejected. Their quest for meaning and purpose that involved drug trips and LCD left them searching for more. Enter the Jesus Revolution of the late 60s, where hippies and drug addicts found hope and purpose by following Jesus. Witness the powerful journey of love and redemption as these souls were touched by His message, leading them to a path of faith and salvation.…