Messages on Hope

Messages on Hope

Trusting God in Prayer

In 1 Samuel, we find a story of suffering, perseverance, and hope. Hannah’s life and testimony teaches us that our peace comes not from what God gives us, but from God Himself. As we pray and commune with God in the midst of our suffering, He gives us exactly what we need.

The Now & Not Yet Kingdom

God’s Kingdom has been established on Earth as it is in heaven. However, it hasn’t been consummated fully yet. Pastor Amy explores the tension of the “now and not yet Kingdom,” bringing hope for the restoration and renewal of all things.

Prophets & Exiles

The Big Picture of God isn’t always comfortable, especially for the Israelites. In the Old Testament, there are countless stories of exile and hardship. However, God uses those time periods to develop and teach His people what it means to trust in Him, love their neighbors, and surrender to His Lordship. As we learn in this message, God ultimately turns their failure into hope and restoration of all nations.

Be Positive

Pastor Ryan looks at how easy it is to be negative with all that is happening in the world, but through gratitude and encouragement, we can be positive. Positive People Here’s something many of you didn’t know about me, up until the early part of this week, I was Covid Positive.  For those of you attending this service online, you’re probably glad you are!  Don’t worry, I made it through – and I’m back to 100%.  But today we’re taking…
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Come Alive

Pastor Brent looks at how often in life, we may get hopeless about situations, like our marriage, family, finances, or even the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Ezekiel 37 shows the nature of God, who hasn’t forgotten you and can still bring life to our lives even when we see nothing but dry bones. Discussion Questions Ezekiel explains how the bones were very dry.  What part of your life feels “very dry” and almost hopeless?  What makes it feel so dry? Why…
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What Happens After I Die?

Pastor Brent Clark looks at various worldviews of what happens after death and then shows how the Christian worldview is different because it isn’t based on what you do but instead on who you know.

You Are Restored

Pastor Amy shows how the Big Story of God running through the whole Bible is about God’s plan to restore the brokenness in this world, and more than that, He desires to restore the brokenness in your own life.
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It’s Not Over Yet

Pastor Brent Clark concludes the My Bad series by looking at the hope we have for the future when the cosmic results of sin are removed and God restores everything and makes all things new.

Tis the Season for Hope

I’m so glad to finally be here today.  And I don’t mean sitting in my office, though that’s good too.  I mean the Christmas season!  I know some of the stores have had decorations out for months and winter weather has been here for several weeks, but now that Thanksgiving is past, I can finally turn my Christmas lights on and listen to Christmas music without feeling guilty. I know many of you love this time of the year too! …