Messages on Church (Page 2)

Messages on Church (Page 2)

Vision 2020

2020 Vision

Pastor Brent looks at the future of Ashworth Church and presents a challenge to not get stuck in the past but to press forward in becoming the church God desire Ashworth Church to be.
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Growing Pains

In this message, Pastor Brent looks at Acts 6 and how the early church had to respond to be willing to change to respond to growth.

You Are One

Pastor Ryan shares how Jesus’ last prayer for all his followers were that we would be united as one and how we can practically live that out every day.
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Leave a Mark on the Church

Pastor Brent looks at how even though many today consider church to be optional, Jesus considered the church the best and most effective way to change the world and the importance of those following Jesus to leave a mark on and through the church.
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Family Tree

Pastor Ryan Lenerz shows how Jesus uses our concept of family to teach us what it means to be brothers and sisters within the church.
Divisive - Why Christians Fight

Women in Ministry

Pastor Brent Clark looks at what the Bible has to say about Women in Ministry and wraps up the Divisive series by looking at one of the most contentious issues in the church. This message is based on 1 Corinthians 14:34-35. Women in Ministry 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 Introduction Today we come to the end of our series called Divisive: Why Christians Fight, and we saved the best for last! Today we look at the least controversial, least divisive issue there…

What’s the Point of Church?

Introduction What do you think comes to mind when most people hear the word church? Your friends, neighbors, coworkers… when they hear the word church, what do you think comes to their mind? What comes to mind when YOU hear the word church? You may wonder why we would ask these questions. Well, we’ve been a series where over the last 3 weeks we have been trying to ask and answer the question, “What’s the point?” This is a question that can wreak havoc in our…

Threads: We are Better Together

At Ashworth, we value connection. It is one of our core values we base all that we do on.  Stated another way, we believe we are better together! Do you believe that?  Have you ever tried to carry a long board through a self-closing door?  I tried carrying an 8’ long board out of our church and had to go through two self-closing doors.  Total pain in the butt.  Until somebody came and held the door for me.  We were…
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