Messages by Brent Clark (Page 11)

Messages by Brent Clark (Page 11)

Church West Des Moines

The Fall and the Big Story of God

Lead Pastor Brent Clark continues the Big Story of God by looking at Genesis 3 and the story of the fall, the effects of sin on creation and humanity, and the glimpse of God’s plan of redemption and salvation from the very beginning.

Transformed: Death to Life

John 5:24-26 Introduction Good morning and Happy Easter. As you all probably know, Easter is a big deal for Christians and the church. This isn’t just the usual Sunday. Everything for Christians hinges on the resurrection. Your belief or non-belief even hinges on what you believe about the resurrection. I want to read the events of the first Easter morning to you. Listen to how Luke describes that morning from Luke 24:1-12. 1 But very early on Sunday morning the…