Messages by Amy Becker (Page 4)

Messages by Amy Becker (Page 4)

Running the Race

Pastor Amy Becker kicks off a new series entitled: This Is Us: Real Faith for Real Life and looks at the need for discipline and perseverance to run and win the race.
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Jesus Feeds the Multitude

Pastor Amy Becker looks at the story of Jesus feeding the multitude and how he can help us with what seems to be impossible odds in our life.

From Ordinary to Significant

Team Pastor Amy Becker continues to look at how upside life is in the kingdom and how God takes what we consider to be an ordinary life and makes it into something very world changing and significant.


Sermon Podcast Audio Your browser does not support the audio element. Emotional Immaturity Emotional health is often the most neglected or under-valued kind of health. We put physical health on a pedestal because we’ll die without it; however, we die internally without emotional health. We can’t have healthy relationships and we can’t have healthy spirituality without it.  It’s impossible to be relationally and spiritually mature without emotional maturity. So in what ways do we neglect our emotional health? Emotional UNHEALTH, in it’s extremes,…
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The Big Story of God: New Creation

Intro I love a good ending! In fact, I’ve been known to be so impatient, I skip way ahead and read the last few pages long before I am done with the book!Matthew discovered this on our honeymoon while I was reading “The Hunger Games.”  I want to know the ending is good before I really get invested in the story!The good news about this Big Story of God is that we know the end—AND IT’S THE BEST ENDING!! We have…