Remix: You Are in Christ

Pastors Brent and Ryan team up again to revisit the series Who Do You Think You Are to look at the importance of understanding what it means to center our identity in Jesus Christ.

Remix: Fences – Be a Neighbor

Pastor Brent looks back at the Fences series from the fall of 2018 and examines Jesus’ words when he told us the most important commandments are to love God and also to love our neighbors.

Get Fit Remix: Perseverance

Introduction Today and next week we are doing a very quick series we like to call Remix. Remix is where we look back at some sermon series we’ve done before and see if there was something we felt like we needed to talk about again, a topic we wanted to cover but didn’t get worked into the schedule, or because we thought the topic was of such importance, we just felt like it was good to bring up as a reminder.…