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Messages (Page 31)

Whether you missed a message this past week, want to relisten to a message God is speaking to you about, or just want to check us out before showing up on a Sunday, we hope you are challenged and inspired by these messages.

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A Foundation of Love

Pastor Brent Clark begins a new series looking at 1 Corinthians and how we can avoid those slippery areas in our relationships.
Church West Des Moines

Home Alone 2

Pastor Ryan Lenerz concludes the Christmas Story series by looking at Home Alone 2 and the Bible to see how we can stop making the same mistakes we always do in the new year.
Church West Des Moines

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Pastor Ryan Lenerz continues the Christmas Story by looking at The Nightmare Before Christmas and how the kingdom of God differs from the kingdom of this world.
Church West Des Moines

A Christmas Story

Pastor Brent Clark looks at some in the Bible who experienced disappointment and how we can overcome our disappointment with a foundational belief.
Church West Des Moines

Home Alone

Using scenes from Home Alone, Pastor Brent Clark looks at the problem of loneliness at Christmas and how we are created for relationship.
Church West Des Moines


Pastor Ryan Lenerz begins the 2016 Christmas series A Christmas Story by looking at the movie Elf and 1 John to examine how we are children of God.

What’s the Point of Church?

Introduction What do you think comes to mind when most people hear the word church? Your friends, neighbors, coworkers… when they hear the word church, what do you think comes to their mind? What comes to mind when YOU hear the word church? You may wonder why we would ask these questions. Well, we’ve been a series where over the last 3 weeks we have been trying to ask and answer the question, “What’s the point?” This is a question that can wreak havoc in our…

What’s the Point of Judgment

Introduction Two weeks ago Pastor Brent taught how the point of Jesus’ life was to innaugarate the Kingdom of God on this earth and give us a glimpse of what the Kingdom will look like.  Last week he taught that the point of Jesus’ death was to give us victory over sin and death. Today I’ll be answering the question: What’s the Point of God’s Judgment?  In saying that, I know some of you might be looking to make an…

What’s the Point of Jesus’ Death

Introduction Last week we began a new series called, “What’s the Point?” The series is built around the idea that if we don’t understand the reason behind something or if we can’t see the value in something, then we are likely to dismiss it. I used the example of Algebra class. Most of us sat in that class learning how to solve quadratic equations, the entire time wondering, “When will I ever use this?” The overarching question we were asking…

What’s the Point of Jesus’ Life?

Series Introduction Are you a pragmatic person? Practical? I say this about myself often. And the curse of being a very practical person is that when I am confronted with something that appears to be a waste of time or pointless, I find it very difficult to muster the motivation to do it or follow through with it. Not long ago, I took a class on global missions. It was for graduate level credit, so it was important that I do well,…

Get Fit Remix: Perseverance

Introduction Today and next week we are doing a very quick series we like to call Remix. Remix is where we look back at some sermon series we’ve done before and see if there was something we felt like we needed to talk about again, a topic we wanted to cover but didn’t get worked into the schedule, or because we thought the topic was of such importance, we just felt like it was good to bring up as a reminder.…