When Politics Get in the Way

When Politics Get in the Way

In a blog post earlier this week, I shared the story of Kirsten Powers, a Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor, who came to know Christ and left behind her life of agnosticism and atheism. Here is another interview Ms. Powers did about the article in Christianity Today.

What I find intriguing about this interview, is what I referenced in the footnote of my previous post; our assumptions about one’s faith based on their political affiliation. Republicans don’t think Democrats can possibly be Christians because of their stance on abortion, socialized medicine, and etc. On the flip side, Democrats don’t think Republicans can be Christian because they don’t care about women, children, the poor, and only care about themselves and money. This debate is tiresome and it is time Christians move beyond it.

It is time for those who are true followers of Christ to affiliate with Him first, before any political party affiliation, and even before a church affiliation. We need to wear the name “Christian” above all other names or labels we might be tempted to put above this name. There is no greater calling than to be a follow of Jesus Christ. If your party affiliation is more important to you than this, there might be a problem with your faith.

Also, it is time for both sides to stop the rhetoric, the name calling, the grandstanding, the misleading, the spinning of truth, and acknowledge we live in a world with people who have great need, both spiritual and physical. We need to  join hands and begin to be the presence of Christ, TOGETHER. If we can stop finger-pointing long enough to serve together, how much more powerful could the church of Jesus Christ be in the world. How much transformation could we see take place if we focused our attention on those with needs and not on blaming one another. (And please, stop using the poor, the needy, the mentally ill, the destitute, and the immigrants as a club in which to beat up others and try to make them look bad!)

May God use believers from every tribe, every tongue, every nation, and every political party, everywhere, to see His kingdom come, His will be done on earth.


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