From Agnosticism to Faith

From Agnosticism to Faith

I am always fascinated by the unique stories of how people come to know and follow Jesus Christ. As unique as we are as individuals, so are our stories of coming to faith and experiencing the overwhelming love and grace of God through Jesus Christ. 

I recently read a very interesting article where Kirsten Powers, a Democratic strategist and Fox News contributor, shared her experience of coming to faith in Christ through the ministry of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Pastor Tim Keller in Manhattan, New York. Kirsten wavered between atheism and agnosticism most of her life until she had a unique encounter with Christ. 

As you read this article, ask yourself a few questions. Does her political affiliation affect her credibility and story of coming to faith?* If so, why?  What is your story of coming to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior? Who have you told that story to lately?

You can view the article here.

Also, check out this interview of Ms. Powers on Fox News Media Buzz. 

*In today’s hypersensitive political culture, there is a tendency to label one party or the other as non-Christian, or in some cases, evil. I have heard both Republicans and Democrats at one time or another, “How can you call yourself a (Republican or Democrat) and call yourself a Christian.”  In all honesty, there have been times where I have said these things myself, about both sides! While finger pointing and name calling might make for good television, I certainly don’t think any one political party can be defined in such large brush strokes. And I am sure that neither party can make the exclusive claim as “God’s Political Party.”


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