Preparing for Christmas Day 11

Preparing for Christmas Day 11

If we aren’t careful, Christmas becomes a frantic mess leaving you feeling cheated and unable to enjoy the holiday. Here are some ideas to help you create space to actually enjoy Christmas this year.

  1. Make a fun Christmas appointment. Do at least one fun Christmasy thing. Go skating outdoors at the Brenton Skating Plaza. Drive through Jolly Holiday Lights. Tour the Salisbury House. And of course, spend an evening watching the Ashworth Church Celebration of Lights from 5-9 PM.
  2. Enjoy something you didn’t plan. Grab your favorite coffee or tea at a local coffee shop and take a seat by the fireplace. Out shopping? Take a moment to sit in the food court or in one of the seating areas and enjoy the music and people watching.
  3. Make plans to attend one of the Ashworth Christmas Eve services. It is a beautiful evening of carols, candlelight, and communion with your church community. Bring your family and friends and stick around after to enjoy the cookies and hot drinks.
  4. Take a moment, right now, and thank God for the miracle of His Son. Don’t get so busy that you forget what Christmas is all about!


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