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Come Alive

Even when death and despair surround us, it’s never too late for Jesus to resurrect the dead things in our lives. Pastor Brent explores the book of Ezekiel, demonstrating the hope we can still hold when everything seems lost. Can dry bones still live?

Sight and Insight

The Lord does not see things the way we see them, but how do we move from focusing on what we physically see in front of us to the insight only the Lord can provide? Pastor Steve takes a look at four passages of Scripture throughout the Bible as we continue our Lenten series.

Suffering and Provision

Is the Lord among us or not? It’s a question you may find yourself asking from time to time. In the midst of suffering, it’s difficult to remember that God is a profound provider. Pastor Amy explores the book of Exodus, ultimately demonstrating that God not only knows we have needs, but He cares about providing for them.

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Ashes to Ashes

The low church Protestant tradition I was raised in did not follow the traditional church calendar and Lectionary. We did not observe Lent and thought those folks walking around with ash crosses on their heads on Ash Wednesday were a bit weird. I have come to believe that was my loss. Once I took the time and care to learn the history and meaning of such observances, I have come to appreciate the symbolism and devotional meaning of them. Today…

Gospel of Matthew: Reading Plan

Throughout Lent, individuals and churches often give up a comfort or adopt an additional spiritual practice to lead to greater self-examination, repentance, and renewal of the soul. This Lenten season, we encourage you to read through the Gospel of Matthew with us. Below, you’ll find a guide to each week of the reading plan. Click on the link to each week to find a written and audio version of the assigned passage. Reading Guide Week 1 (February 26 – March…

My Paradigm Challenged

As I was reading John 9 this morning, I was struck by the interaction between a man healed of his blindness and the Pharisees. What an incredible story with a convicting ending. As the man who had been blind his entire life has to justify his healing, he tells the Pharisees (those with religious power), “If this man were not from God, he could do nothing.” (John 9:33 NIV) What happens next is sad and scary. Verse 34: “To this…

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