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We are excited to be helping fill a huge need in our community – affordable child care!

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The Tension of Freedom and Responsibility

Let freedom ring! In America we love our freedom so much we look to export it to less free countries around the world. And the thought of every limiting our freedom is blasphemy to our ears. But for those who follow Jesus, is freedom the ultimate value we should seek? Can we ever be truly free and are there times when we might be called upon to limit what freedom we do have for the sake of others. Pastor Brent…

The Tension of Weakness and Strength

Be strong! Show no signs of weakness! These are the messages we hear that lead us to believe that showing weakness is always a bad thing. However, when you look at Jesus, we see the one who created everything with a spoken word and was still broken on the cross. Join Pastor Amy as she looks at how those who follow Jesus can live in the tension of being weak, yet still, be strong.

Tension of Being In the World and Not Of It

In and of. Prepositions. Two small words. Small words can seem insignificant but can make all the difference in living a faith that follows Jesus. Pastor Brent looks at Jesus’ prayer in John 17 to see what Jesus meant and how we can live both in the world and not of it.

Church Blog

Advent Christmas Blocks

We understand it can be so hard to have meaningful moments in the home at Christmas. Between all the presents and parties it can be hard to center your family on the reason for the season. We want to help you start – and finish – an Advent Resource this year!  So we are offering this Christmas practice that helps kids—and parents!—anticipate the birth of Jesus, and not just presents. This practice is a tangible, Bible-based, 25-day guide to creating an exciting environment in…

Spiritual Drought

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say that many of us are experiencing a spiritual drought. But how are we going to survive it? Let’s take a lesson from the woods…

06.29.21 Feed

ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END Today I announce that this will be the final edition of the Ashworth Feed. But do not fear, you won’t lose this great content you have come to love – we are simply going to consolidate emails and merge the Feed into the bottom of Wednesday’s weekly newsletter. That way, everyone will have access to these articles and not just a select few. Additionally, we are launching a new Facebook group for…

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