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We are excited to be helping fill a huge need in our community – affordable child care!

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Church Renewal

What comes to mind when you hear the word church? For some, we limit our answers to a specific day of the week or a building in our neighborhood. Yet, as we continue to think about renewal in our lives, how could adjusting our mentality around church help lead to a church renewal? Pastor Brent Clark looks at how the New Testament addresses the church to see how this could impact how we think about the church today.
All Things New

Personal Renewal

For many, a new year represents a fresh start. When we think about God, we often think about his power of creation, but when we dig deeper, we see he is also a God of re-creation and renewal. Pastor Brent looks at how we can have personal renewal when we become a new creation in Christ and the benefits that being a new creation offers.

What Was Luke Thinking?

Reading through the familiar Christmas story, we might be tempted to assume Luke was only interested in a biography of the life of Jesus. But reading forward, you see how Luke wanted Theophilus and those who came after to understand the full depth of Jesus’ ministry. Join Steve Rogers as he shares how Luke emphasizes the kingdom of God and is an invitation for us to join the work of Jesus there.

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Christmas joy


Unless we’ve been startlingly entertained by a choir of angels overnight, I’m guessing our joy level is going to be low on the dipstick this Monday morning. Days are dark. “Covid” seems like it is every other word in the newscast. Winter weather is creeping lower on the weather map. And, dang it, our clothes are shrinking again. So what are we going to do about it? I suppose we could all do fifty jumping jacks while singing “Don’t Worry…

Support our Refugees

Afghan refugees are beginning to arrive to our city, and we are excited and honored to ease their transition to the U.S. by meeting tangible needs. We are sponsoring at least one family of four to six individuals who will arrive with virtually no furnishings to fill their home. Click here to view the list of items needed and to register to donate before January 3, 2022.

Mission: Christmas Cheer 2021

Mission: Christmas Cheer is an opportunity to give back during the holidays and keep Christ at the center of the season. We encourage you to get involved in one (or a few!) of the opportunities we have available this year. Hope Ministries Turkey Pickin’ Saturday, November 20 at 8:30 AM Hope Ministries: Bethel Mission (1310 6th Ave., Des Moines) For our 7th year in a row, we need 25 people to pick the meat off of 150 pre-cooked turkeys for…

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