A Long Road Together

A Long Road Together

For many teenagers, learning to drive and getting your first car is a turning point in your transition to independence. But for some youth, the journey is not so easy. Because of busy parent schedules and insurance issues or not having access to a car, some youth struggle to move towards reaching that important milestone of obtaining a license.

Here’s where one incredible (and patient) youth worker took the opportunity to step in and help a youth reach that milestone. Last year, every Wednesday before youth began (and for about 15 minutes into our meal together) one of our youth leaders allowed a youth to drive his own car on the journey toward learning to drive. For the first month, I don’t think they left the parking lot and the rest of us had to be careful where we walked! But over time, week in and week out, this teen gained experience and confidence.

Fast forward to this summer, and this youth now has a driver’s license and even a car of their own. But the story doesn’t end here. Upon seeing the car, the youth leader invited the teen over to his house and spent a Sunday afternoon detailing the car, inside and out!

I love this story because it shows the value of intergenerational relationships in our church. It’s a beautiful picture of how Jesus is glorified when people come together like a family to support one another.

Where’s an opportunity for you to invest in a person’s life, to help where there’s a need, and to show the love of Jesus to someone in the family of God?


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