Of and For the Nations

Of and For the Nations

Ashworth Missions Emphasis Month 2019
We are extraordinarily blessed at Ashworth Church to have many nations represented in our church body! As a way to celebrate this unique gift and to highlight our commitment to the nations locally and globally, we want to do something a little different for Missions Emphasis Month this October. Our $15,000 goal this year is to support mission work in each of the countries represented within our church body. We have 11 nations represented at Ashworth and therefore want to support 11 ministries in those specific places. As we raise this $15,000, we are supporting medical missionaries, underground student movements, church planters who are empowering indigenous leaders and pastors, giving to business training and micro-loan ministries, serving some of the most vulnerable populations and providing care and education for kids orphaned by disease. We were delighted to connect with ministries through many of our church members and local connections as well as partner with our Converge network. Below is a list of the countries represented in our church and the description of the ministry we’ll be giving toward in that location. As you read this list, take a moment and thank God that he has made us a church of and for the nations and consider what your part in our $15,000 goal might be! 

Supporting a ministry in Guadalajara to vulnerable women who receive spiritual mentoring and discipling as well as training and empowerment in vocational skills. 

Supporting an indigenous church planting movement focused on the area most impacted by Voodoo and its exportation of human life through the slave trade. 

Kenya, Ghana and Burundi
Supporting long-term missionaries who train, equip and catalyze local leaders and indigenously led church plants in Sub Saharan Africa. 

Ivory Coast
Supporting long term missionaries who developed one of the premier health centers in Cote d’Ivoire, seeing over 50,000 patients per year. They also run a business training center and a micro loan ministry to help people experience freedom from poverty. 

Supporting Serve Africa, a ministry that’s bringing financial independence to village pastors, orphans, vulnerable children, and youth through education and agriculture.

Laos and Vietnam
Supporting underground university student movements that are equipping college students in East Asia with the gospel and developing world changers for future generations.

Supporting a local ministry in Chennai that is ministering to one of the most alienated and unreached populations in India. 

United Kingdom
Supporting the London City Mission in Vauxhall, South London which is a newly planted church reaching and building trust with the community, running weekly youth clubs, free meals, a food bank, and Bible studies for people curious about faith. 


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