Why Creation Matters… And so Do You!

Why Creation Matters… And so Do You!

Most people, at some point in life, have to wrestle with the question of whether their life holds any value.  For some, you question if you are worth anything because of how other people abuse and misuses you, and for others, because of the things you have done to mess up your lives.  The good news of the Gospel of Jesus, however, is that it doesn’t matter why you are doubting if your life has value, but that your dignity, worth, and value are not dependent on the opinion of you or another, but on the opinion of the God who made you.

The problem is that some people believe that all of life is the result of cosmic chance, of a burst of energy coming from an unknown source, whereby all of life, our world, and our own personal existence is simply blind, and meaningless, luck.  With this understanding of where you came from, you are left to conclude that life is as random and meaningless as the bang from which all life sprang.

If, however, you attribute the bang to something planned and chosen, to a source which is rational and eternal… to God, then the value of your existence is flipped upside down.  The Christian Bible offers a description of how the world began which scholars still differ on how to interpret its meaning.  And while the argument about literal creation as described in Genesis 1 verses God controlling a process of evolution is intriguing, it is not the main point of what the author was trying to describe.

No, the main point of the first chapter of the entire Bible is written to show that YOU have value in God’s eyes.  You see, the Bible says that “God created humankind in His own image,” (Genesis 1:27).  That means that the value and dignity of God Himself has been put inside each one of us.  Even those who are far from God and reject his existence carry the very image of God in them.  So now it doesn’t matter how you feel about yourself or what others say about you which determines your value.  The very fact that God created you in his likeness means that you matter.  You matter to him.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

You matter so much to God that before you even cared about him at all, He already sent his son Jesus to this earth to die for all that you have done wrong and to rise again to new life in Heaven forever, so that we too can rise to new life forever after we die.  I know in the midst of your darkness all you can seem to focus on is the storm around you, but I encourage you to focus on the One who created you, the One who loves you, the One who values you.  Let Him give you your meaning, value, dignity, and hope.


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