When Showing Up Really Matters

When Showing Up Really Matters

For a few weeks now, we have been talking about inviting and bringing someone with you to our Ashworth Easter services. Every week we have placed invite cards on the pews in hopes that you would pick them up, take them with you, pray over it, and eventually hand it to someone who needs a place to worship on Easter Sunday. 

To add a bit more incentive to encourage you to bring someone with you to Easter this year, we are going to make a real, tangible, financial impact on a local organization based on who shows up that Sunday. What do I mean?

Every Sunday, we tell people that are new here that if they fill out the communication card, we will make a $5 donation to the local food pantry in their honor because we believe their presence at Ashworth matters. 

On Easter Sunday, for EVERYONE in attendance, we will make a $5 donation to the Hope Center for Women and Children. And if reach at least 300 people (for a total of $1,500), the church will DOUBLE THE GIFT for a maximum donation of $3,000! With a donation of this size, we will be able to adopt an entire room at one of the shelters for the entire year.

The Hope Center for Women and Children provides safe refuge and comprehensive life recovery services for women and children who are victims of traumatic life circumstances – including homelessness, domestic abuse, hunger, or addiction. They provide a place of unconditional love and Christian community. 

By funding a room, we will be providing safe shelter, nutritious meals, essential personal care items, substance abuse counseling, practical life skills training, job readiness training, children’s activities, educational opportunities, and aftercare support. 

This is our opportunity to make a tangible impact on a ministry in our community that really does what its name says…it provides Hope.

So help us bless the Hope Center for Women and Children this Easter season by stepping out of your comfort zone and inviting one or more friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker to join you this Easter at Ashworth. Because if they do, we can all make a HUGE IMPACT on those in our community who are in need. 

To see out how the Hope Center for Women and Children impacts lives, check out Angela’s story below.


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