Quarantined: Extra – Compassion

Quarantined: Extra – Compassion

Social Justice continues to be a buzz word in our culture. How does the compassion of Christ fit in with a social justice society?

Compassionate Life: Extending compassion in every sphere of life
The Social Justice Tradition expresses the themes of justice, compassion, and peace. It emphasizes wisdom and lovingkindness to bring relationships into harmony, unity, and balance, even within our relationship to nature. Compassionate Life takes place in all arenas of life, from personal to social to global. As with the other traditions, the actions we take are not the end goal. True compassion is motivated by a genuine heart, is empowered by the love of God, and embraces the possibility of positive change.

“Love of God makes love of neighbor possible.” Richard Foster in Streams of Living Water

copied from Renovare, https://renovare.org/about/ideas/the-six-streams


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