Quarantined: Day 2

Quarantined: Day 2

Empowered by Suki Joseph Premnath

Title: Empowered
Artist: Suki Joseph Premnath
Artist Statement: I’ve always been fascinated with the events recorded in Acts chapter 2. The apostles were completely transformed when the Holy Spirit came upon them in power. While painting this, I imagined what it would be like if it happened today. I could have easily replaced the subject with a child, a teenager, a grandpa or a woman. The more I think about the many unreached people in our neighborhoods, offices, and schools, the more I believe that nothing short of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment will do.


  • What stands out to you in this painting?
  • Read Acts 2:1-4. What word or phrase stands out to you in this passage?
  • When have you felt empowered by the Spirit to do or say something? What was the result?
  • Pray and ask for the Holy Spirit to empower you now and listen as the Spirit speaks. What do you believe the Spirit is empowering you to do?

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